JBadge, Steez & Nef The Pharaoh – “Pain Music” crafts a harmonious dichotomy

Hip-hop, more than any other genre, has its history in groups. Many of hip-hop’s most important pioneering artists were groups. The format of several MCs trading verses over a beat had its origins in the hip-hop of the streets. It’s nice to have that change in voice, tone and perspective to give songs and albums depth of character that one emcee simply can’t provide. We recently bumped into a collaboration effort between N.B.H members JBadge and Steez, who linked up with Nef The Pharaoh from the Bay area, on the single “Pain Music”, which showcases all the exhilarant elements of true hip-hop group.

The way the distinct voices blend together to form a textured sound that’s oh-so-pleasant to listen to, is absolutely impacting. The rappers are also skilled individually, lyrically, but especially rhythmically, anchored by a smooth banging beat overflowing with soulful, jazzy instrumentation. “Pain Music” is a massively verbose exercise with a demonstration of groove control which is exceeded in impressiveness only by its literary ambition.

Indeed, JBadge, Steez & Nef The Pharaoh are focused on sharing a better understanding of self in the face of life’s corrupting, hating and negative influences. The song is simultaneously timely, timeless, and quite simply, terrific. It sounds like nothing out right now. The song moves groovily among searching saxophones, and skittering percussion – the flow of each artist showing that they’re truly on top of their game.

Each of the rappers tackle some personal issues in amongst their bars, giving us their own point of view. The statements are profound, as the thick beat and horns powerfully drive the song.

The verses spiral and grow as they spit their sentiments to create a diverse, flourishing sonic template of aesthetic and emotional variance. The overall sound of “Pain Music” is built around a rich and warm production that works as a cultural bridge between generations and styles.

The hip-hop prodigies of JBadge, Steez & Nef The Pharaoh expand upon a groundbreaking foundation, using the vehicle of rap poetry as it’s always been intended – as an unfiltered expression of our rawest emotions and thoughts.

The rappers craft a harmonious dichotomy, their complementary talents allowing them to take a measured approach. As such, notwithstanding its consistent thread of lounge-esque chill, “Pain Music” is bursting forth with focused energy.

Despite the organic-sounding retro instrumentation, the track is extraordinarily forward-thinking, particularly in terms of genre expansion. It is an exhibition of seemingly boundless creativity, bursting at the seams with clever wordplay, and impeccable flows.

Distinct, original, and memorable, the release of “Pain Music” is perfectly timed because if there was ever a moment for soulful, life-affirming, convention-bucking hip-hop, it’s right now. The song not only satisfied my lofty expectations, it exceeded them.

Of course, the nostalgia factor will have a lot to do with the enjoyment of this track. That classic, timeless, smooth, jazz-infused, golden-age sounding hip-hop, comes through loud and clear.

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