Norwegian rapper, singer and producer, Lupae Filius delivers a refreshing musical project

Norwegian rapper, singer and producer, Lupae Filius creates all sounds on his own, from start to finished product. Highly respected in the Norwegian rap scene, Lupae has been working his craft for 13 years. The artist, who has formed multiple groups back home, started gaining international attention in 2018, and also produces music on a global level. The creative is currently promoting his single “Run”. To understand the impact Lupae Filius is making on the industry, check out what the media is saying about him and his single “Run”.

 Lupae Filius, which roughly translates to “Son of the Wolf” from Latin, is an artist with a focus on creating uncompromising music that blurs the lines between alt-pop and modern hip-hop. His most recent studio single is a song titled “Run,” which seamlessly sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and productions. The instrumental has a very interesting and distinctive sound, combining trap-inspired drum machines with lo-fi beats and unique organic productions. The synths are juicy and add a lot of fullness to the mix, particularly, the bass synths, which have a distinctive analog sound making them special and able to pierce through the mix without creating any mud. This one is definitely going to be right up your alley if you are a fan of artists such as Mac Miller, Twenty One Pilots, as well as Post Malone, Eminem, and Logic, only to mention but a few. Find out more about Lupae Filius and do not miss out “Run,” which is currently available on Spotify, and other digital streaming platforms on the web.The BandCamp Diaries

We needed to find a refreshing musical project that would accompany the coming week, and new days in lockdown. Our discovery comes at the right time. Without further ado, let’s discover one of the most exciting rap experiences around. Be ready to receive, like we did, a strong dose of energy, an electrifying musical moment. “Run” by Lupae Filius is now in our playlist the best Hip-Hop track, a sure bet to start 2021 on the right foot. More than 2:22​ minutes of pure flow. It is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist. We can’t wait to hear what’s next. Just like our redaction, make sure you keep an eye on Lupae Filius. So don’t waste a second, and head to the link below to discover it.Billboard

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