Stuntman Ron – “Mayhem” – a rock induced hip-hop banger!

Recording artist and entrepreneur Sharron Miller better known as Stuntman Ron represents his hometown Savannah, Georgia. Music is his first love, however, he also writes poetry, as well as screenplays. The artist is currently breaking into the scene with his brand new 2021 single, “Mayhem”, which is a mashup of heavy metal and hip-hop. Stuntman Ron artistic progression from 2018’s “Perfect Aim” to “Mayhem” is nothing short of incredible, and the artist appears poised to finally break new ground as he pushes the barrier of the genre.

The track, “Mayhem” has an entrancingly hard-hitting instrumental, driven by thumping drums and crunchy, overdriven guitar riffs echoing in the background. Stuntman Ron’s vocal layering start the track revealing newfound versatility. His urgent and intense verses undoubtedly holds the most impact, as the rapper gut-wrenchingly dissects the narrative simmering on the surface. At every moment, Stuntman Ron sounds as hungry as the beat he’s ripping apart.

The chorus introduces a melodic soar from Stuntman Ron, as he launches himself into the hook. “Mayhem” is a rock induced hip-hop banger with a ridiculously charged up performance. Definitely one of the hardest hitting tracks this year. Here Stuntman Ron spits charismatic verses with hypnotizing flows and cadences. His hooks on “Mayhem” are infectiously catchy and totally aggressive.

All throughout his catalog, Stuntman Ron can be appreciated for his exuberant energy and exciting flow, all of which is present on “Mayhem” in a perfect crescendo of force and potency, as it goes through a series of animated switches and distorted detours before finally screeching to a halt. Here Stuntman Ron is fully realizing the potential he showed on tracks like “Shake Dat” and “Cosby”.

The sonics on “Mayhem” offer thrashing head-banger, unlike what you’re used to hearing on the mainstream charts. With this track, Stuntman Ron proves that he’s an artist to watch. One who has the potential to craft an even better project than “Mayhem” already is.

From the sometimes trappy and catchier brand of hip-hop to the hyper-aggressive but potent-as-hell banger style of “Mayhem”, Stuntman Ron’s sound has expanded and shown deeper wells of potential to grab a bigger and wider following.

In one fell swoop, with “Mayhem”,  Stuntman Ron positions himself among the more exciting and unusual rappers of this multicolored hip-hop generation, indicting himself as a shining and necessary alternative in the modern rap world.

No doubt, Stuntman Ron as thrown everyone for a loop with this rough, rugged and raucous ride. However his brilliance lies in his ability to inhabit a multitude of styles and flows, and “Mayhem” is just another vehicle to showcase his diversity.

Every so often, a track comes along that recalibrates expectations for an artist. “Mayhem” is grand in its vision and ambition, setting a new benchmark for Stuntman Ron. It will be most interesting to see where he goes next!


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