There’s no greater opportunity than right now for Eye’z to seek the crown!

For the last few years, via the medium of music, Eye’z – a singer, pianist and actress from the San Francisco Bay Area – has always kept audiences engaged and curious about what was coming next. Trends have come and gone, but Eye’z has continued to remain a constant, releasing a series of iconic singles that has kept her fan-base totally engaged. From “Dedicated” (2009) to “Still a Rainbow” (2018), “Stop” (2019), “Damaged” (2019), and “Lovely” (2020), to “It’s The One” (2020), and “Diamond Tears” (2020), the award-winning songstress – now working with My Music Block TV & GRM Presents – has kept her momentum going.

Because of the consistent quality over quantity, of Eye’z’ musical canon, she has transcended the limitations of seeking only commercial success, to enter that rare breed of creatives capable of appealing to multiple generations of R&B and Soul devotees. Now, Eye’z again reveals her hand with her superb new single, the appropriately titled “Go For It” (2021), which represents yet another step forward in her artistic consciousness.

Eager to ensure that her vision was skillfully enacted, she has presided over the entire expanse of her latest release. No stranger to the songwriter’s pen, apart from composing “Go For It”, Eye’z also produced the track, which is rendered to mesmeric effect. Eye’z revels in sonic spaces smoothed to suit her strengths and tastes, but that are accessible to the open ear too. All of which makes this a record worth savoring.

The mid-tempo piano-driven jam is sure to beckon audiophiles to turn the volume up in their headphones to study its compositional intricacies at length. Of course, Eye’z understands what separates a great song from a mere track: its lyrics and the voice delivering them.

Hence she has these bases covered on “Go For It”. “If you like what you see, then why do so many people hold back what they’re feeling don’t look away just see me through,” sings Eye’z in her passionate croon.

Once again, she has tendered an emotionally charged set of bars with the color and texture of her incomparable voice. Every lyric is compellingly sung, making “Go For It” a watershed moment for the singer-songwriter.

The track beams with the confidence of a woman very much aware of who she is and how she wants to communicate her artistry. The level of care and time spent curating this recording is evident throughout.

In a genre where most of its purveyors are susceptible to the call of artifice and theatrics, Eye’z sidesteps fabricated melodrama and hype, going for music imbued with heart and technical prowess.

Her voice melts into the propelling production, allowing her notes to do all the heavy lifting. Eye’z recently won My Music Block TV’s Gran Royale Music Award, for her increased popularity in music, showing she’s constantly moving along the right track.

In a world where COVID-19 has stalled the careers of many, fans are eager to celebrate uprising talent, there’s no greater opportunity than right now for Eye’z to seek the crown. The playing field is barren and the notes of skillful voices are comfort for stressed out souls and awaiting ears. Give Eye’z a couple of listens, and you’ll soon appreciate her magic.


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