Papa Roy Foundation – “Say” is both equally prodigious and approachable

Anyone that loves electronic dance grooves and smooth pop catchiness, will discover that “Say”, the brand new track by Papa Roy Foundation is designed to be a three and a half minute epic, developed to its fullest, and most meaningful aesthetic. This radio and club-banging track could easily be featured in a wide range of video games, commercials, and movies. It is a most preciously made track, partly due to it nostalgic melody and rhythm that takes us back to a better and purer era in music. “Say” will entertain just about any dance and pop music fan, even people who are the complete opposite and who find these entire genres to be an annoyance.

“Say” – a single taken from the upcoming album, “Out of the Darkness” – is both equally prodigious and approachable. It is just about everything you can ask for to get you onto the dancefloor. There is a perfectly structured beat, driving funky basslines, uplifting guitar leads, and beautiful female vocals that will invite anyone inside to explore. It’s all just a huge musical bag of goodies. In the era of cut and paste music, Papa Roy Foundation, is a UK based group, going above and beyond the ordinary.

With a massively catchy melody, this is the kind of song that can really get things moving, especially when the bass, guitars, keys and drums, kick into overdrive. The impressive telescoping of retro influences and current flavors is perfectly displayed by the UK based dance and pop group, featuring Rouge (Singer), Skxllzy (Rapper), Marc (Bass and guitar) and Papa Roy (Keyboards, programming, songwriter and producer).

For all the superb instrumentation and songwriting, it has to be said that Rouge’s nostalgic sounding mellifluous voice is at the core of what makes “Say” so attractive to the ear. Floating on a wave of reverb, she sails smoothly across the bars like a cool breeze.

The lyric sheet is easy to get into as Papa Roy Foundation avoids cryptic or complex messages. “I can even think about sleeping. You’re so pretty I keep on thinking. Touch me now because I got the feeling. I need you to say what you’re needing. I need you to say what you’re feeling.”

It is this exact accessibility which you’ll love and keep coming back for. In avoiding over-the-top lyrics, Papa Roy Foundation has perfected the ability to make feel-good classic-sounding music with cutting edge production.

It’s fun and easy to dance or listen to, which proves the group has nailed its niche.  “Say” is a very mature sounding track and really showcases Papa Roy Foundation’s awesome performance and production techniques, and is an asset to any dance and pop music lover’s collection.

The track, “Say” is accompanied by an equally addictive and feel-good video, which can be found on YouTube. The vibe on the single is really strong, and the video seems to channel the same uplifting emotion. Moreover, “Say” is a track that’s going to sound amazing in any live setting too.


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