Phunx – “Roll With Me” – capable of standing toe to toe with the best of his contemporaries

Patrick Ridgway, better known as Phunx is a rapper and songwriter from Rochester, NY. Motivated by twin sons Liam and Carter, Phunx has been on the rap scene for 12 years now. In the process he has traveled to Boston, MA and California which has influenced his creative style. Like many of the greats, Pat unfolded and elaborated his craft during a painful period in his life. In 2009 his father lost his life to caner, which in induced the then 19 year-old, to seek solace in music. The urge to write most music and play instruments became stronger until the birth of his twin sons further fueled his desire to conquer the rap industry in 2011.

Patrick Ridgway aka Phunx

Phunx has since released 9 album and numerous singles, culminating in last year’s epic collection “Home Away From Home” which was put together during the lockdown period in Rochester.

Always on his grind, the New York rapper recently dropped his latest single, entitled “Roll With Me”. It’s a tricky business to try and predict which artists are going to blow up in any given year. As we learned in 2020, a lot can happen in a year. Up-and-coming names can get lost in the lurch when something like a pandemic shuts the whole industry down.

Having said that, Phunx’s longevity and aspirations cannot be denied. He has reached a level that can allow him break through the industry’s radar ceiling. Moreover, he has primed himself to get onto the surefire list of potential hit-makers.

His fuse is lit and his target is set, all that remains is to capitalize on the added attention that will be afforded to “Roll With Me”. Phunx may be one of those underground breakouts no one was expecting but few will be surprised by.

“Roll With Me” gives listeners insight into who this rapper is. His lyrical aptitude has already obvious on his previous work. And here again he proves that he is capable of standing toe to toe with the best of his contemporaries, thanks to his lyrical prowess and storytelling skills, as well as the vibe that he brings into his tracks.

The promotional artwork

Each one striving to engage with the listener. You immediately get a sense of what kind of person Phunx is and you quickly realize that not only is he a bona fide talent, but he’s also a very intelligent, thoughtful artist.

New York as always known as the capital of hip hop, with many legendary talents coming out of the state, with all of them making significant changes to the genre and community. Because of the greatness coming out of the state constantly, the argument of who “The King of New York Rap” is has continued forever.

Many say that the most popular rapper in the state deserves the title. In contrast, others claim that the crown should be inherited when a new great talent is discovered in the state.

In the meantime Phunx is setting himself apart from other artists in the current New York Hip-hop scene. His voice is clear, his lyrics are identifiable, and his drive is undeniable. The massive song collection “Home Away From Home”, and now the brand new single “Roll With Me”, provides a solid base to stand on as Phunx continues towards reaching his end game.

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