Samuel The Truth Hughes – “Man Down” – internal wisdom, focused thoughts and high doses of outspokenness

Samuel The Truth Hughes is a 32 year-old rap artist from the UK. His music is written from the perspective of a man from the care and prison system who changed it all with his family. Married with five kids, Samuel raises money for charity with his wife and family. He also aspires to help and support those with mental health problems, as he himself battles with the daily struggle of Borderline Personality Disorder.

“By writing music and getting my pain, thoughts, long nights, and bad dreams down onto paper it helps relieve some of those struggles I do have,” says Samuel The Truth Hughes. “I want people to listen to my music and know that they are not alone, there is always someone to talk too, including my inbox for those who need a friend and someone to listen,” he concludes.

Samuel The Truth Hughes is currently riding high with his single “Man Down”. If you aren’t aware of him, I feel sorry for you, because he is one of the most intriguing and dynamic upcoming rap acts on his side of the ocean. Samuel looks to make a bunch of us believers ,in his hard-hitting rap wave, even if that means he has to show sides of his artistry that isn’t the most pop radio friendly.

One thing that is constant is Samuel The Truth lyrical attack – its cocky, abrasive, and competitive, seeking to spread his personal truths. If you need a song to get you hyped up, this track is perfect for you.

His words come out so easily on his verses, as he switches between aggressive spitter and smooth rhymer throughout. You’ll absolutely love the relentless flow he uses on this track, as he absolutely deciphers the beat with internal wisdom, focused thoughts and high doses of outspokenness.

Samuel The Truth attacks the beat by Micky Montz with pure swag, showing some great energy, confidence and his tongue-twisting flow.

Though his name is one that a lot of listeners aren’t too familiar with on this side of the ocean, trust me, after people get into “Man Down”, they will be. The Ipswich based artist has the capability of rapping with furious aggression, a flow that is unflappable and content that is damn near jaw dropping.

When you listen to “Man Down”, you’ll come to realize that Samuel The Truth Hughes wants to take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride with this track. Dynamic and fearless, Samuel doesn’t hold back when it comes to keeping it real. When he leans into one of his aggressive flows it can feel like he’s declared a verbal assault on your eardrums – the equivalent of a sledgehammer swing straight to the gut.

All throughout “Man Down”, Samuel The Truth burrows himself into the beat, like a coiled spring wanting to explode all over the ills of society. And if you turn up the volume a couple more notches, you’re guaranteed to blow out the speakers you’re listening through. All of these elements make “Man Down” a compelling listen.


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