Simon Andersson – “Better Day” shows both a sheen of maturity, and a strident edginess!

The big characteristic swathe of sound that really makes the track “Better Day” stand out as a thing, is the rich resonating voice of Simon Andersson. It’s a showcase for the singer-songwriter’s ever-climbing vocals, which get more and more passionate as the song reaches its points of climax. Passionate musicianship is found within the powerful arrangement, featuring gorgeous piano from the onset, accompanied by the crunch of soaring guitars – both played masterfully by Andersson. The chorus should provide the audience with something to sing-along to at any potential upcoming concert, as they try to match Simon Andersson’s towering vocals, which pushes the uplifting sentiment of helping someone in need.

Simon Andersson

“Better Day” really does provide a remarkable demonstration of Simon’s voice, his instrumental prowess, and his talent for writing songs, which people can relate to. Not that many didn’t know those things about Simon Andersson before, considering that in 2013 he won “Best Song of The Year” in Hollywood, and then went on a recording trip to Nashville, where he climbed the Music Row Charts with two singles.

He was also invited to the prestigious CMA Music Festival – a showcase that plays to 250.000 visitors – two years in a row. Simon, who built his own recording studio in Sweden, boasts around one million streams on Spotify alone.

Now Simon Andersson looks set to surpass all of his previous accomplishments with “Better Day”, which blends pop catchiness with impressive rock grit. Moreover, there is just something about Simon’s vocal tone that makes it seem more real and heartfelt than many of his peers and contemporaries.

This is Simon’s first solo release in two years, and there really could be a better way to pick up where he left off.  A curiosity about the song, is that it has acquired the nickname – “The Alarm Song”. This is due to an alarm sound featured in the instrumental part of the track.

I can’t stress enough that Simon Andersson is a very good songwriter – an anomaly in the modern music world where most successful singers, perform songs written by someone else. Simon is both a very good lyricist and storyteller; and when the moment is right the music catches up to these talents.

The single artwork

I believe on “Better Day”, these qualities have caught up to each other, and gelled into an uplifting and ear-warming gem. It is a significant achievement, over and above anything else Simon Andersson has produced previously, in my personal opinion.

The music rocks in a powerful, but comfortable manner that shows both a sheen of maturity, and a strident edginess. “Better Day” seems to forge just the right mix of rumble and melody, to appeal to both the streets and the suburbs.

This song has the sound of a timeless record that never gets old, and is further propelled into the musical stratosphere by Simon Andersson’s extraordinary all-round talents. It’s a perfect cocktail of guitar and enough mainstream spin to please anyone.

Pop-rock records of this all-embracing and epic caliber that pleased the masses, were mostly made during the 80’s and 90’s. It sadly seemed like a lost art in the current musical climate…until Simon Andersson came along. “Better Day” is wall-to-wall, over-the-top, pop-rock perfection.


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