Tedi Brunetti – “Evil Woman” – a song that hits at gut level!

Singer, songwriter and drummer Tedi Brunetti, is set to release her second album, “The Queen Of Pittsburgh” on July 20th. Co-produced by engineer and co-writer, Dean Sargent (Taylor Dayne, Blue Oyster Cult, Public Enemy), the album will be distributed through Sony/The Orchard. For those not in the know, Brunetti has been a long-standing touring drummer for names like Eloise Laws, Isis’ Carol MacDonald and Witch, and The B-Girls, produced by Debbie Harry and Mick Jones. She eventually formed and led her own outfit, the Tedi Brunetti Band, who have since become a force on the Pittsburgh music scene. The album which promises a varied mix of styles – from blues, to jazz, pop and rock – is personal musical statement from Brunetti

“This album began as a legacy album, of sorts,” says Tedi Brunetti. “I wanted our grandchildren to know grandma and grandpa were cool once. Recording to me, is what painting or sculpting is to an artist: It’s a permanent record of a joy-filled period of my life. My husband Jim, our son James, 2 of my sisters, Mary and Anita, performed on it. My dear friends and producers, Dean and Mike, and the good times we had creating “The Queen of Pittsburgh” album, will always fill me with happiness when I listen to it. To me, it’s already a success,” she concluded.

The first single and video, “Evil Woman” will be released on May 25th. At the core of the music are Tedi Brunetti distinctive vocals and drum playing, which drives the rocking blues tune along.

If you weren’t blown away by Tedi Brunetti before, you certainly will be now. She has passionate, visceral vocals and a song that hits at gut level. “Evil Woman” is aimed at all those wicked man-eating vixens, who will do just about anything to get their prey.

The song is smartly written with storytelling craft at its core. The power behind the words put to music, are pure firepower, as Tedi Brunetti puts her antagonist into her sights. Brunetti is a force, as she stands strong at the song’s center, delivering her brutally honesty verses, while superbly holding the beat at the same time. Brunetti throws herself into this song and she’s feeling it all the way.

To deliver the song with a voice like hers, with songwriting and drum chops like hers, is awe inspiring. “Evil Woman” creates interesting chord changes, and a moving melody, along with excellent organic instrumentation. Brunetti is a dynamic singer, and musician whose music is full of feeling. Her voice is beautifully focused and intense here. It reverberates throughout song, dominating it.

This said, the arrangement and music paints the picture, but it is Brunetti’s storytelling talent that completes it. If she wasn’t an excellent vocalist and musician, we might not listen as closely. And that’s exactly why you’ll listen to Tedi Brunetti, and “Evil Woman”. There’s plenty to mine here, and probably a whole lot more on her upcoming album.


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