Amarrah – “Trust” – creates another incandescent moment in her musical pathway

“Trust” is the latest single from singer-songwriter Amarrah. It is the follow-up to her excellent release “No Surrender”, which received critical acclaim from both critics and fans. One of the major strengths with all of her material, is Amarrah’s ability to tell stories and paint evocative imagery with her songwriting – be this via the music or the words. This track is just one of many where her writing manages to be nothing short of mesmerizing. In “Trust”, Amarrah has a bone to pick with the complex mechanics of love, and the amount of trust it requires to resist, persist and thrive. “Will I ever trust? Trust love. Will I ever love? I don’t know. In a world like this, if a woman like me loves a man like you. Will I ever trust? Trust us, Trust us, trust love,” she asks in the song.

Amarrah is a rare kind of musician who consistently delivers thoughtful, personal music. Her latest single, “Trust”, shines as another example of her preternatural talent and style. Written in response to the emotional strain of doubting the powers of real love and trust, and how others interpret these values, the song feels cathartic and therapeutic. The mythic quality of Amarrah’s voice transports the listener, fully enveloping you in her world.

There is something hypnotic and enthralling about the way Amarrah is able to convey the nuances of loneliness, vulnerability and doubt, through her songwriting. And when she turns to poetic expressions, she is simply majestic in the literary articulation of her emotions: “Sea of faces in black masks. Shifting eyes and hearts of glass. I can’t take much more of this. Idle talk and fake bliss.”

The music too, is impressive.  The effect is feminine and intimate, ambient and other-worldly, but somehow still grounded, and able to build into epically vivacious crescendos. A knack for storytelling and a predisposition for languid atmospheres define her music, but somehow this formula becomes dynamic in Amarrah’s hands. She hovers between rock, folk, ambient, and cinematic, dancing just outside of any genre.

After the introductory piano tones, the charging guitars and lush strings are a jolt of energy, supported by the forceful percussion. As the song unfolds it offers numerous twists and turns. These reveals ultimately serve to take us further and further into the themes in question: “Will I allow myself to feel? Will I run when it gets real? Will you be strong enough to heal? And cut through the wall of steel?”

The music arrangement maintains a sense of atmosphere and emotion, thanks to Amarrah’s harmonic intuition, nuanced timbre changes and voice layering. None of the ornamental instruments distract from Amarrah’s songwriting chops. The distant strings, jangling guitars, and brawny drums, actually support the piano’s melodic structure. While its atmosphere is potent and its instrumentation is powerful, “Trust” always circles back around to Amarrah and her voice.

“Trust” creates another incandescent moment, another breathtaking, true-to-form chapter, in Amarrah’s ongoing musical pathway. Expect to see her stunning new video, which is filled with all the elements so precious to Amarrah – fantasy, animals, and nature. There are wolves and owls – each representing different aspects of the song’s lyrical theme – appropriate costuming, and spectacular scenery, for a full immersion experience within rich textures and raw emotions.


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