Smokii & WILDZ XL – “The True” – seeking harmony between humankind and the animal kingdom

Smokii & WILDZ XL hook up for another conscious banger spreading love for animals, entitled “The True”. Proceeds from the track will be passed on towards helping the preservation of wildlife. This all forms part of the WILDZ XL movement who are producers of music and streetwear, in the name of animals and wildlife. In fact, their motto is “Bringing the jungle to the concrete”. On this latest track, the Wildz Tribe dream team is formed by Smokii (Moktar Benziane) on vocals and Hav-it WILDZ XL (Havitt Shah) on the beat. The mixing engineer is Kouakou Koffi (The Black Joker), while Nemanja Terzic Neks took care of the mastering. A note of interest, is that anybody can be a part of Wildz Tribe. You just need to lock onto the passion and principles behind the project, and hook up with WILDZ XL.

The world is demented, and the path to peace, unity and harmony between all humankind and the animal kingdom, is beset on all sides by villains whose agenda is to divide and conquer. The way out is straight through the middle, spreading love to one side and consciousness to the other. Smokii & WILDZ XL are the classic rap due that allow their respective strengths to combine and make a formidable unit.

“The True” balances out Smokii’s pointed, personal vocal glow with WILDZ XL pragmatic vision, and apocalyptic beat-making. The world their music depicts is gruesome, real and dramatic but also loaded with hope and inspiration. Each bar takes us through the dark depths of animal carnage, and the will to halt the unnecessary persecution. Smokii & WILDZ XL are speaking to a generation of people who need to change their attitude towards animals and wildlife.

It’s not that Smokii & WILDZ XL are blessed with a special clairvoyance the rest of us lack. They’ve just been galvanized by the clarity and wisdom that comes with the awareness and empathy for all who inhabit our planet, not just their own kind. And Wildz Tribe keep spreading that knowledge with each new release they drop. It’s a bold and welcome choice.

At a time when most artists are rightfully speaking out on racial, social and economic injustices, Smokii & WILDZ XL, raise their voices in defense of those who cannot speak for themselves on “The True”.  Smokii puts many people to shame with his honest, open-hearted words of righteous indignation, delivered in a smooth flow, while WILDZ XL lays down an ear-warming backdrop for the conscious commentary. It is a sound that he has already elevated to a fine art.

On “The True”, Smokii & WILDZ XL manage to introduce a bracing degree of depth and introspection, on a track that is crushingly poignant. It proves that these two wear their hearts on their sleeves, when it comes to the things they strongly believe in. Here they double down on their open-veined sincerity, while at the same time confectioning a captivating and engaging tune that shows off all their good-hearted chemistry.

There’s a rare quality in Smokii & WILDZ XL’s ability to push the genre’s thinking forward, and away from the usual rap and hip-hop tropes. The fact that WILDZ XL has a fashion clothing line, proves that you can chase all the worldly goods, while still being consciously aware and active, in making the world a better place for all who inhabit it.

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