The Mozart of Pop Contemporary music, Andy Michaels, releases new single “She Reminds me of Beautiful”

Andy Michaels is well known for his wonderful journey from surviving an incapacitating car accident to that of an internationally recognized contemporary/pop songwriter.

He belongs to Perth, Western Australia, and has released several mesmerizing music albums in the last few years. Each has a deep sense of melody with poignant lyrics that has helped him to be at the forefront of multiple genres in the music industry worldwide.

Andy went through a critical time after suffering from a serious car accident when he was just in his teenage years. This life threatening experience motivated him to pick up a guitar which ignited a musical spark deep inside his heart. Since then, he has written, recorded and released more than 120 songs, most of which have received universal critical acclaim and obtained a huge response from listeners around the globe.

People admire him not just for his melodic compilations; rather, for delivering insightful, powerful, and thought-provoking lyrics. With his music constantly being played all around the world in over 70 countries, he has delivered amazing live performances around Australia as well as in Asia, including China. Unfortunately plans for Tours in USA and Europe in 2020 were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Described as a once in a generation Artist, listeners say that Michaels is one of those rare musical Artists that touch their soul and heart directly with his deep lyrics and haunting melodies

After receiving 5 star reviews around the world with the ground breaking “Revisited” in 2018, Andy Michaels returned with a vengeance to deliver another powerful, deep, and melodic album ‘Incendiary Heart’ in 2019. The 14 track adult contemporary/pop album features thought-provoking lyricism with a musically nostalgic feel of the 70s and 80s. Moreover, the arrangements of the tracks deliver a perfect contemporary and modern style vibe of country, rock and pop. Andy Michaels enlisted 16 Year old Tiarna Madison (Whom he discovered in a music talent quest in Australia), Kerry Ironside, Carolyn Thomas, and Sharon Court as collaborators for this uplifting album, recently described as “Cat Stevens meets Pink Floyd and David Bowie”. “Angel” and “Where are you Now” from “Revisited” both reached Top10 on Global Independent Music Charts. Five singles from the Album “Incendiary Heart also charted Globally with “Darling it Hurts” reaching Number 2 on the World Indie Music Top 100. It was also voted the 2020 Album of the year in the Music Indie Channel Awards.

In 2021 and despite the Global upheaval which has thrown most countries in turmoil, Andy is still doing what he does best – writing inspirational, uplifting and memorable songs to appease the hearts, souls and minds of people in a tumultuous and constantly changing world. His new single “She reminds me of Beautiful”  and his first release in 2021 has just been released globally.

 Recent Reviews  :

“About as good as indie can get… his adherence to an efficient pop ethos is refreshing and a far cry from anything his mainstream counterparts are doing at the moment”

“Another poetic winner for Andy Michaels. It doesn’t take more than a single look at its tracklist to fall in love with the man who gives it such luster.”

“A diverse look into the future of pop/rock… fabulous new album -one of the best indie LPs I’ve heard on either side of the pacific in 2020”

“He’s at the forefront of a sonic hurricane not to be messed with. This really is an amazing time to be a fan of indie pop/rock …He is a premier singer/songwriter and hero to adult contemporary fans everywhere”

“This is one indie artist we need to follow into the spotlight. His confidence is infectious .. Andy Michaels undeniably shines like a diamond and the unstoppable buzz surrounding the new album Incendiary Heart is only spiking.”

“Required listening….it is only fitting that one of pop/rocks most promising singer/songwriters would choose to end the decade on such a progressive note as this one”

“There’s something really special about what we’re met in making harmony-powered pop great again and feels like the first movement of an epic symphony. Andy Michaels can croon like nobody’s business. One of the better full-length follow-up’s listeners can expect to obtain”

“He wants us on the edge of our seats from the time we start to the moment the music fades into darkness once more, and he makes that happen every chance he gets. It’s a slam dunk for this up and coming Australian powerhouse”

I believe it’s the true north to Michaels’ aesthetical compass right now. Australians and Americans alike who haven’t already done so should pick up Incendiary Heart this January – it’s as independent as indie folk/rock gets, and that’s nothing to scoff at in our modern times.

Young singer/songwriters just starting out could stand to take a page or two out of his playbook when it comes to making the sequel to a well-received debut album; for this critic, his controlled approach and conservative attitude serve as a breath of fresh air.

Michaels is at the start of an incredible journey in this LP. I’ll be checking out his deeper discography after having fallen in love with this latest release for sure. Every pulsing element of the rhythm counts as much as any verses do

I think we can collectively regard this latest record as his very best, and even more than that, his most honest.

“How versatile this artist can be regardless of the style he’s employing in any given track. Simply put, he isn’t about to be pegged down to one aesthetical box in Incendiary Heart. His new record is something every music aficionado should be spinning this month.”

“It’s a quantum leap forward for this mild-mannered musician, and one of my go-to listens this January for sure. While Revisited had some incredible harmonies, this album forces Andy Michaels to push himself to the very edge with his vocal, and the results of his efforts are pure gold. His navigation of complicated instrumental arrangements should be enough to leave any indie connoisseur on their knees begging for more”

“This 14-track masterpiece is both sonically and visually inspiring. Michaels is able to share his vision of life and love in this intense and intricately woven melodic tale. Incendiary Heart by Andy Michaels is a magical journey comprised of theatrical melodies and passionate prose of song and voice” “.

“It’s definitely one of the most fun, and easy-going, pop releases that you can expect to get a hold of before the spring season breaks. Lovers of good ol’ fashioned harmony and hybrid grooves needn’t look much further than this for a killer tracklist adorned with as much cosmetic beauty as it is genuine substance, and if you’ve never taken the time to hear his music before, I think this would serve as a great way of getting to know Andy Michaels as an artist on the rise.”

“His momentum isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon. He’s got a great way of connecting with his audience, and in Incendiary Heart’s finest of moments, he shows listeners just how much he can evolve within only a few minutes’ time. Melody is this guy’s main prerogative, and that’s confirmed beyond any sort of doubt here”

“Has made a genuine fan out of me with Incendiary Heart, which ties together a lot of the loose ends left over from Revisited while staying true to the conceptual identity he started to build with the release of his very first song. Audiences around the world could use someone with his panache to start the new decade off right – breathtaking LP”

“Undoubtedly the most mature and well-thought out album to debut out of the Australian underground in 2019 and successfully introduces a world hungry for bittersweet pop balladry to a man who makes the very sort of music we need now more than ever.”

“Unapologetically evocative on every level that matters, his efforts produce some of his best work so far and then some. His emphasis on even the most minor of details is admirable both critically and artistically in today’s ragtag culture of pop music. The music video for “Darling It Hurts” completely captures the essence of the energy that makes its parent album so hard to put down”

“Soulful and impassioned as Cat Stevens’ voice, Michaels skilfully infuses the trademark sounds of traditional folk and modern pop into the songs of his latest record, while he also infuses expansive and theatrical elements which rival the music of Pink Floyd and David Bowie”

“Full of emotion with a defined yet flexible aesthetic you will be hard-pressed to walk away from Incendiary Heart without one of its many catchy lines or beats nailed into your brain. The eclectic genre blending of the instrumentals creates a unique feel and a uniting sound for the album as a whole. Combined with catchy and emotional lyrics, these tracks will warm your heart”.

“Andy Michaels demonstrates his outstanding songwriting talent, fusing brilliant lyricism with inspired melodies”

“His delicate arrangements and lyrical prowess is phenomenal in this collection of tracks”

“A magical journey comprised of theatrical melodies and passionate prose of song and voice. This 14-track masterpiece is both sonically and visually inspiring”

“Nothing short of spectacular because musically, lyrically, vocally and artistically, ‘Incendiary Heart’ is a thing of beauty”

“Delivers highly memorable songs with a keen sense of melody and poignant lyrics to create a mesmerizing music experience”

“Incendiary Heart is a beautifully-produced work of love, and it’s an album that will cut straight to the listener’s heart as Andy Michaels is clearly singing from his own.” Michaels’ voice is soulful and impassioned like Cat Stevens, but his sound is much more expansive and theatrical with evident touches of both Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

“Incendiary Heart is a myriad of genres, instruments and vocal resurgence. Andy Michaels does not just sing; he speaks poetry, which has become a lost art in today’s age of EDM and pop music. 10/10 ”

“An eclectic collection of styles and sounds that will steal your heart. Uplifting melodies and lyrics that speak to the soul, Incendiary Heart is a landmark record that will have you coming back for more”

“A Killer sound that will make you take notice”

“Electric, eclectic, and haunting – Andy Michaels returns with powerful and emotionally searing album ‘Incendiary Heart’ “Incendiary Heart is a spark within a myriad of Top 40 fare. Long after the record has stopped, lingers an intense emotional response.  Incendiary Heart is definitely a searing work. Outstanding in every way, Michaels is at the peak of his game”

“One helluva listening experience – A potent potion of highly infectious tunes. Masterfully crafted with so much love you feel it pouring out of the speakers, infects your senses then sucks you into the roller coaster of feelings and thoughts being expressed through the words and sounds of each track.

Andy Michaels is the Mozart of Pop Contemporary music. His artistry and talent with the tapestry he weaves is exquisite. Michaels is the master lyrical and instrumental composer of 2019.

“Utterly passionate. Rich and substantive pop. An expose on every facet of love:  new to old, hopeful to broken. Andy Michaels’ latest album, Incendiary Heart, colors its sonic tapestry with a full range of color & emotion. The sum of the experience here is something dramatically theatrical. Those who seek a brand of pop which contains depth and substance will enjoy this album, and very much so.”

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