“SUNRISE” displays Lise-Bey’s musical talent and flexibility

Lise-Bey is African American singer, songwriter and composer based in Maryland USA. She captivates listeners with her album, “SUNRISE”. With lyrics dripping with spiritual visions, uplifting experiences and subtle inspirations, it is clear that this album is an honest and direct reflection of Lise-Beys positive outlook life.

The “Sunrise” Album Cover

Full of sultry vocals that flow over seductive, vibrant and sunny beats, Lise-Bey’s album is nothing short of hypnotic. The majority of songs feature a heavy use of bass-driven beats, solid drums, and delicate keyboard riffs. Woven into this musical backdrop is Lise-Bey’s smooth and fluid voice, filled with breathy vocalizations and raw sentiment.

The songs on the album follow dream-like melodic patterns with silky waves of lyrics and phrases. They blend nicely into one another, and into the powerful rhythmic propulsions that drive each one. With its confident vocal twists and smooth, but vibrant instrumentals, these tracks display Lise-Bey’s musical talent and flexibility and is perhaps a great foresight to her future releases.

Lise-Bey’s successfully conveys her themes of universal consciousness and spiritual honesty throughout all 12 tracks of “SUNRISE”. It is rare to find a modest and genuine female R&B/Soul and Pop vocalist in today’s modern age, but Lise-Bey proves that she can maintain her dignity and boost those of others with a clean and catchy sound that is continuously developing. “SUNRISE” definitely deserves a full listen, and mellowing out to this conceptual musical journey is well worth the time.

Key songs on the album include: ‘Oh I Love You’, ‘Our Hope’, ‘You and Me Forever’, ‘The Light in You’, ‘No More War’, ‘Get up and Rise’.

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