Tai Smoove’s “Heart In The Sand” – Caribbean inspired instrumentals laced with heart felt lyrics

Tai Smoove’s “Heart In The Sand” is an EP consisting of Caribbean inspired instrumentals laced with heart felt lyrics that express vulnerability while allowing his listeners to still dance and enjoy the rhythm it provides. This project has seven tracks that are ordered in such a way that each song blends and transitions smoothly into each other; the tracklist was a very thorough and planned process which was very important to him, to provide a captivating and smooth transition of musically sonically throughout the EP.

“I wanted my fans to feel like the project was a journey and the only way I could truly provide this was by dedicating an enormous amount of time deciding and creating a tracklist that was captivating sound wise that didn’t take you too far in any direction; I wanted them to see the growth within the project to where I was to where I am today”Tai Smoove

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