At the beginning August, Sunnight, a singer-producer based out of France delivered his single “Summerlibe”. For all intents and purposes it is specifically designed for that summertime vibe, as the lyrics indicate: “Stars and the moon make bright up the night. Rainbow and sun that color the sky. Flowers and leaves dance within the breeze. And sing with me…Oh dear life, it’s summertime…Let’s get high, in summer vibe!” sings Sunnight.

It has all the colorful flavor of a novelty song, with a slapping beat, playful keys and a singalong tune. A little bit pop, a little bit country, a little bit electro, and a little bit rap, “Summerlibe” blends a whole bunch of eclectic ingredients.

Novelty songs are different from most popular songs in that they usually have no expiry date and are good for any year. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference between a novelty song and a quaint pop song written on purpose.

Novelty songs have always been a fixture on the popular music charts, and they probably always will be. “Summerlibe”, is not a novelty song in the classic sense of it being comedic or funny. It is a novelty song in the sense of its melody and beat being so ingeniously playful and catchy enough, to put a smile on your face.

This of course is helped by the uplifting and picturesque lyrics Sunnight brings to the table: “On my journey to happiness. Cross the hills, along the beaches. With a guitar always beside me. Let’s get free all the feelings inside. Let’s get high by the hot summer vibe. Let’s make hey hey hey hey hey… while the sun shines…” Sunnight’s dynamic voice does the rest, as it bounces up and down the tonal scale, between mellifluous croons and double quick verses.

Music no longer just reaches people through the same avenues, such as the iTunes and major label record monopoly. There’s a plethora of platforms – beyond just streaming services – for artists to flex on, reach audiences, and blow up.

That’s hard to predict, and even harder to manufacture, but original and niche-styled artists like Sunnight can explore their own creativity to the fullest and still find an appreciating audience.

Glancing at the Hottest 100 of recent years, you can see countless examples of this originality surfacing to the top. In the midst of a new decade, we can already see how the relationship between originality, relatability and catchiness is driving the industry, and after the recent troublesome years and lockdown situations, a song like “Summerlibe” is highly likely to change your mood and outlook on life.

As Sunnight says in the track: “Play the rhythms written in rain. Feel the tears and breath of forest. Hear a song covered by sunlight. Throw myself off all sadness behind”. We couldn’t hope for any better right now in these trying times.