arcadia.made sets the tone masterfully on all of his tracks

Forever drawn to things creative, arcadia.made aka arcadia is a 19 year old rap and hip-hop artist born in Battle Creek, MI. Even at this young age, like many of his contemporaries, the rapper is dedicated and determined to make a name for himself in the scene, flexing his repertoire of both braggadocio trap tunes and sensitive lyrical ballads. His projects, from “wocavelli” to “two sixx” and “60th well” are windows into his roots, weaving together good vibes, hard banging beats, with clever wordplay, catchy melodies, and powerful messaging. His delivery is energetic and his lyrics range from happy to downright blunt, but along with it all is a refreshing candidness.

arcadia.made’s songs are impossibly catchy, hazily psychedelic, and buttery smooth, all at the same time.  His vocals are a mix of singing and rapping, and the result are songs that sit right in the pop melodic hip-hop and trap genres. He’s adept at injecting liquid confidence into anyone who listens.

His lyrics are proud and personal, and they beautifully embrace his style. Steeped in a sweeping head-nodding backdrop of synths, claps and skittering hi-hats, “60th well” is 76 seconds of pure melodic bliss, as arcadia.made soars over the beat.

All the new wave rappers, singers, poets and storytellers out now, reckon that they can dominate the hip hop scene. You’ll hear artists that can spit verbal fire, trade confident bars, and tell raw stories, while others are able to twist melody into ear-worming candy.

There’s different styles and sounds across the whole lot but more than anything these set of new hitters need to get above the noise of their contemporaries. This is where arcadia.made comes into the picture. His style, though still unrefined, is particularly captivating.

arcadia.made came into the game swinging, with hard hitters like “wocavelli” to “two sixx” and “60th well”, tracks that take no prisoners. He delivers his lyrics with unwavering confidence, over resonant instrumentals.

These songs showcase the Battle Creek native’s talents, even in an early analysis, clearly: a keen sense of melody, an easy-going flow, and lyrics that show a certain emotional state, and which will resonate with a wide audience. And its part of what makes arcadia.made such an exciting artist to follow.

arcadia.made could easily appeal to the streets via reflections on being entangled with them, in the same way he could attract a female demographic thanks to his relationship musings. And when he wraps all of this up with a touch of urgency, passion and emotion, as his does on “two sixx”, his talents become all the more evident.

arcadia.made, for his part, sets the tone masterfully on all of his tracks, and moves quickly to make each one an easy-listen all the way through. Amidst all of this, though, he doesn’t fail to cater to our sense of rhythm, connecting each song by its melody.

It’s becoming clear that arcadia.made, at just 19-years old, not only has an opportunity to shape and steer his future in hip-hop, but to become a thriving part within the genre. On “wocavelli” to “two sixx” and “60th well”, the young artist makes it known that this is a role he not only takes seriously, but one he plans to succeed in, no matter what.

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