Jayzon J – “After Hours” ft. Sada James – the perfect blend of smart lyrics, a melodic hook, and powerful production

Jayzon J is a 28 year old artist from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, who owns his own independent label called Black Flame Muzik LLC. His latest single is “After Hours” ft. Sada James, and Produced by BlocBoy Polo. A quick run through his catalog and you will notice that Jayzon J is among the few underground emcees who have proven to be consistently witty, clever and skilled at setting fire to vocal booths. His voice is deep, gritty and grounded. With Jayzon J’s lyrical ability, distinct vocals, and appeal that ranges from underground mixtape aficionados to uptown princesses, the bar is always set high for the Pine Bluff native.

“After Hours” ft. Sada James, marks the next step of Jayzon J’s musical experience and may very well constitute a breakthrough for the artist. It is the perfect blend of smart lyrics, a melodic hook, and powerful production that keeps our ears glued to the music and our minds focused on the meaning. Jayzon J gives us nothing less than the truth and good vibes throughout this project.

Jayzon J intelligently expresses his storytelling through intoxicating wordplay. The hypnotic rhymes are able to completely engross everyone. Intertwining the writing with the powerful beat, we are all able to feel the vibe of this song ten-fold. Never failing to deliver, Jayzon J cleverly places his rare “go-low-flow” voice in the music. Sada James brings a memorable touch with her soothing soulful voice adding a hint of ethereal delicacy to the track.

Giving us old school hip-hop flow similar to classic Snoop, then mixed with a modern production, and a soulful hook, we are able to be in two places at once. Jayzon J shows how insanely skillful he is with putting words together with intention and rolling them into his original groove.

The brilliant choice of the beat is perfect for this kind of song, automatically putting anyone who listens to this track in an “After Hours” mood. The track will undoubtedly move your entire spirit through the songwriting and the background sounds too.

Jayzon J voice is so resonant it commands the beat, drawing attention to the lyrics he is rapping, while still emphasizing the beauty of the down tempo rhythm. It showcases the knack Jayzon J has for jumping on any beat and still managing to deliver a dominant verse. Moreover, this is the type of confident, slick production Jayzon J excels on and is a reminder that few have a voice like his.

In an era where rappers are famous before they have mastered their skills, Jayzon J is taking the opposite route. The rapper’s rugged bars always sound magical over soulful production, which is why “After Hours” ft. Sada James works so well. The setting allows his thoughts to soar.

One thing we can always count on when it comes to Jayzon J, is his innate skill to deliver his messages in his music. Now put that together with the ear-catching hook-singing of Sada James, and the vibe-inducing production by BlocBoy Polo, and you have a winner to chill with.


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