Luke Assem – “Ding Dong at 420 (Hey Bedabe Di Bedabe)” crafts a clever and relatable tale for all to bask in!

From front to back, the single “Ding Dong at 420 (Hey Bedabe Di Bedabe)” is drenched in a funky beat, a dark atmosphere and infectious grooves that will keep you nodding your head and tapping your toes throughout the three and a half minute effort. This track has staying power, and in an industry where flashes-in-the-pan are all the masses are looking for, it’s easy to overlook masterpieces that don’t cater to the current model, but do your ears and your soul a favor by stopping and fully immersing yourself in this witty musical journey Luke Assem has laid out for all of us to delve into.

Among all the damage and misery caused by the corona pandemic, we also find small tokens of inspiration due to its consequences. For instance, because of the lockdown, Luke Assem started producing music: “When I was listening to my professor alone, bored and lonely from home, I remembered that my father had an old keyboard in the attic. I don’t know what drove me to it, but I started playing the keyboard every day from thereon. I think music kept me from going completely crazy during the corona crisis,” explains Luke.

The song “Ding Dong at 420 (Hey Bedabe Di Bedabe)” is about some teenagers who are having a party and have pizza delivered. But after they realize that they have no money for the pizza, they decide to pay otherwise…or rather with weed. “Pizza. This stuff is so great. Sadly, not much money in our bank. So, we thought it would be great, to pay with some self-made spices instead,” sings Luke Assem.

What happens next is clearly described in the song: “Delivery Boy, he came and went, and he didn’t even take our little green present. So, we took some time and decided to ascend, and give a little spice to our small event.”

In the new world where a hot single can elevate an artist to stratospheric levels, it’s quite the treat when you have an artist who crafts a clever and relatable tale for all to bask in. Luke Assem kicks it up delightfully over a devilish backbeat, where the ensemble breathes as one phat core of bass and drums flanked by bedabe-dibbe-di-dong-dong scat vocals.

So much attention has been paid to the way voices tessellate – it’s genuinely infectious. Luke Assem showcases his ability to throw a whole lot of influences at the wall and somehow make it all stick.

“Ding Dong at 420 (Hey Bedabe Di Bedabe)” is a record that simultaneously shoves its messages right in your face, whilst providing subtleties that make it well worth returning to for multiple listens. What really makes the production on this record special, is the way that the hip-hop beat, electronic ideas and catchy melodic vocals are so seamlessly integrated.

The track defies any one label categorization, which is a testament to Luke Assem’s versatility and his willingness to take drastic musical detours, as he has shown since the very diverse instrumental tracks, “Butterfly’s Daydream” and “Run or Pray”.

Luke Assem’s musicality remains entrenched, his virtuoso talent remains intact, but his ambition has grown with “Ding Dong at 420 (Hey Bedabe Di Bedabe)”.


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