Kay Guss – “SUV” is an explosive effort that puts sonic power and lyricism at the forefront

The Drill scene came out of nowhere, completely taking over and transforming Hip-Hop back some years back. That style of music influenced artists globally. Everyone took stabs at creating their form of the subgenre and its imprint is still very visible. One of the underground artists forging a path with this music is New York’s own Kay Guss. Kay says that he wants to give people giving a taste of where he’s from and the struggles they go through in his city.

His latest single “SUV” is solid, and is everything you expect from a drill rapper. There are scenes of violence, struggle, and sex, but clearly Kay Guss comes through triumphantly. He is not only keeping drill alive but might be adding new energy to the sound.

Kay Guss

The typical aggressive and gritty beat along with flow is meshed well with Kay Guss’s versatility. While the song has the usual drill heavy thump, Kay picks does a great job of rapping on it. You’ll be swept away by the flow and the artist’s dexterity, which is entirely mesmerizing.

He is waking up the world with his booming production and undeniable skill, as well as making a strong statement with “SUV”. Kay Guss stands out from his peers by opting for a more traditional rap flow, making minimal use of vocal effects.

“SUV” drips with venomous energy, as Kay Guss raps with a dexterous touch that breathes vibrant energy into the song. Kay’s wild brand of aggressive flowing will throw you for a loop right out of the gate, on this track. Nothing sounds repeated or rehearsed — it sounds like he plays with pitches and flows on the fly.

As his voice grows more ominous and complex, it becomes a more familiar affair to your ears. The energy that builds from Kay Guss’ voice as the track goes along, seems to make it grow fiercer. It’s brash, unforgiving nature makes it kick-ass.

Kay Guss plays perfectly to his skills, which sometimes even the most talented rappers fail to do. He knows what he does well, and tries to do it even better on “SUV”. While his other works showcased the talent and artistic identity of the New York rapper, “SUV” emanates the feeling of unapologetic ambition towards something greater.

It’s easily his strongest project, demonstrating the inner workings of Kay Guss’ musical psyche. We need to embrace artists who can create tracks like “SUV” – an explosive effort that puts sonic power and lyricism at the forefront.

Kay Guss is a different breed, to the hordes of rappers that have come out over the years. He’s got more mosh-pit energy, punchlines, and unique flows in his bag of tricks. Kay threads dense rhymes through his raucous vocals, and delivers bars like he’s on an adrenaline surge. Moreover, he’s got a dangerous pen, made to match his music. “SUV” sees all these talents creatively fleshed out.


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