Modellato & Chiara Migliore – “Someone After You” – dancefloor grooves, and smooth, catchy pop vocals!

Andrea Modellato better known as Modellato is an Italian record producer, audio theater director, and artist. After releasing 3 EPs under the musical project Mirror, in 2020 he officially started his solo musical career, which has led him to work with a team of important industry professionals, including Abbey Road Studios, Head Music Studios and a platinum selling co-producer, among others. His first singles, “Be My Sunlight” with Nicole Carino and “Someone After You” with Chiara Migliore were released and distributed by Reload Music and Sony Music Italy, respectively.  

Chiara Migliore is a classical, modern, and contemporary dancer. After several years of competitive dance, accompanied by a series of awards and acknowledgments in the sector, she started her first musical experience as co-writer and singer of the song “Someone After You”, also becoming Modellato’s partner.

Amongst the team members who worked on “Someone After You”, we find the internationally-known Italian DJ, Luca Testa who was involved in the recording of the track at his Head Music Studios in Turin, as well as Abbey Road Studios in London. Furthermore, the track was mastered by the world-renowned mastering engineer, Andy Walter. All of which assures us of the excellent technical expertise employed in the recording and production of “Someone After You”.

“Someone After You” is a creative and diverse EDM track that can make for a great listen in almost any context with its combination of easy accessibility, an artsy tropical beat, and captivatingly mellifluous vocals.

Electronic music can go just about anywhere a producer wants it to go. Modellato has used the magic of electronic music to make “Someone After You”, an eclectic effort that easily blends Latin dancefloor grooves, and smooth, catchy pop vocal hooks.

The result is an artful and warm track that can exist equally as club music, and good sounds to just vibe to in the background. “Someone After You” is my first introduction to the music of Modellato. I realized this wasn’t going to be what I expected at all from the opening seconds.

The beat feels warm and unique from the jump, with the clever use of percussive elements to bring out a really interesting drum pattern. The track sounds bubbly and twinkly, and is really unlike the four-to-the-floor bombast I was expecting.

I think my favorite element of “Someone After You” is the fact that at the surface level, it’s accessible enough that casual music listeners can easily be drawn in to its hypnotic sonic elements, regardless of genre preferences. Apart from Modellato’s silky smooth instrumental and production choices, Chiara Migliore’s voice is extremely melodic and easy on the ear. She rides the rhythm and enhances the momentum effortlessly.

“Someone After You” is catchy and creative enough to warrant a ton of playbacks, and if you’re anything like me when you hear it, you’ll find yourself going back to it over and over again. The entire atmosphere of the track is subtle, sophisticated and rhythmic, ready to tease the ear of anyone within audible range. This is a stellar release from Modellato & Chiara Migliore, along with their super production team.





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