Earvin Gallardo is an artist who has been around for years, deep in the underground perfecting his craft and finally releasing material. The artist, who grew up in NYC’s melting pot of creativity, is set to release his album “Love Hate Remorse” on the 6th December 2021. The official track list has not been dropped yet, but we pick some tracks from Gallardo’s platforms, which give us a great idea of the direction in which he is heading. His single, “Enamore”, not only asserted his affiliation to the current landscape of hypnotic alternative hip-hop but, furthered his artistic progression in the process. Spitting over soulfully flipped samples Earvin Gallardo finds himself in his element — pocketed by some of the most psychedelic sounding Latino bars heard this year, and with a cool aloofness unmatched by many other emcee in his class.

Potent and to the point, “Husband” is a sample of what’s to come from Earvin Gallardo, on his upcoming EP. The allure is within the lyrical prowess and presence of Gallardo. Rapping brutally honest bars with the voice of a poet, he easily speaks on relationship intricacies here.

Up until this point, Gallardo is a relatively unknown artist, but tracks like this one, is a huge step in the right direction for the artist’s career. Earvin Gallardo adds his tenacious flair to this tracks, while this production also helps to prove his versatility.

In an industry that values melodies and catchy tunes, Earvin Gallardo stands out as a classic rapper who can still twist his voice into a handful of variations. He ably proves this on “Yummy Brujerias” (feat. Mighty People) – another track with plenty of Latin groove and resonating instrumentation.

Here Gallardo goes from a whisper to a sing-song delivery, bringing his vocal versatility all-together in one place. As always, his tracks have an alternative twist, which takes him out of the ordinary lane, and places into a more special category.

“Shiba”, which is one of his latest releases, shows yet another angle of Earvin Gallardo’s craft. Now fans know that he can deliver both in quality and quantity. Gallardo is a standalone vocalist, with his delivery and off-kilter storytelling leaving listeners with a unique perspective of his world.

After hearing these single projects, fans are sure to not only look forward to what he has to say next, but exactly how he plans to say it. An idiosyncratic artist with a singular musical view, Earvin Gallardo is a creative with the ability to fully execute his vision, while also being adept at crossing the needle between styles.

While most of his contemporaries have already started polishing their songs to the point where they don’t sound very different from mainstream pop radio, Earvin Gallardo is pushing his sound in new directions. Momentum is now the name of the game for Gallardo, as he relentlessly works his way towards the release of the EP, “Love Hate Remorse” on the 6th December 2021.

As Earvin Gallardo takes a step closer to this milestone, he is also adapting the current trends of hip-hop to match with his personal musical vision. He may have started the year on quieter note, but now he sounds more confident than ever, with the urge to take over.