HAZE is brimming with both talent and energy!

The city of New York has many hidden gems when it comes to music artists. One of them is Haze. Raised in Queens, New York City, this talented artist has always been into music, ever since he was a teenager. Growing up, he was always surrounded by music, as some of his family and friends were in the rap genre. Inspired by those wonderful, talented artists, he soon became fascinated with the genre and started writing his own tracks. However, he only shared his content with the world after he was done with high school.

Now, at the age of 24, this young artist is brimming with both talent and energy and is 100% focused on his music career. Although we don’t hear from him as frequently as we’d like to, it’s always a pleasure when we do. According to him, he focuses more on writing and improving his craft while he is away.

“I may not put out as much content and some people may not like my music, but I am always writing, trust me.” Haze shared in an exclusive interview. We believe Haze is one of those artists who understand the true essence of their songs as being lyricist helps him feel the soul of his songs. The young artist also remarked how his fans are one of his biggest supports and how the negative feedback just makes him all the more focused on his craft. We believe being open to criticism is one of his biggest qualities. Music is one way of connecting with people, and Haze is a firm believer in that. “I want to connect with all my fans and motivate them to be the best person they can be,” he remarked in an interview.

As an independent artist, Haze has featured with Bobby Nice, Lucas Coly, Aaron Reflex, Journey Gz, Jay Gwuapo, and YRS SWERVE. In a recent interview Haze said, A message to all my fans stay true to yourself and keep working hard on your dreams. This life is what you make it don’t ever give up.” the 24-year-old artist shared. He aims to continue making good quality music and is open to collaborations as long as he doesn’t have to compromise his unique ideology. Right now, Haze is all set to drop some fantastic singles with a surprise guest. We don’t know who that is, unfortunately, but we are sure the wait will be worth it. Haze is a solid artist and has a lot of love for his many fans and supporters.

You can find this talented artist here social media and music links below. Make sure to follow his socials for more updates!


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