Monsters Are Real – “Bullet” – a blend of blues and rock

Monster guitars, thunderous vocals and profound lyrics, are usually what gives rock fans a huge wallop of the good stuff on Monsters Are Real projects. The music is usually rooted in the free-spirited vibe of 70s rock and influenced by the blues and traditional rock styles through the decades, up until now. That’s a wide palette, but then Nathan Brachear, the man behind Monsters Are Real is not one to box himself into digital music platform labels. Though he is totally aware of the social media phenomena – where trendy, complementary and identical sounds are picked up, pushed and channeled to listeners via algorithms – Nathan prefers to walk down a different path. Where songs are not just a fleeting moment on a streaming service, but a means to connecting with an artist and the narrative within, behind and beyond the music.

The reason for all of the above, is perfectly clear. Nathan Brachear’s musical roots are entrenched in old-school values, where musical appreciation included cover art, liner notes, production and performance information, as well as lyric sheets. And I couldn’t agree more.

Simply holding a vinyl album, or at worst, even a CD in your hands, physically connected you to the music – and the artist – in a way no that streaming service could ever replicate. It’s something the new generation will never savor, or even understand, and it’s a shame.

Nathan Brachear alias Monsters Are Real is a professional horse trainer and Farrier/Blacksmith by trade. He trains American Saddlebred Horses, Hackney Ponies, Morgan Horses, and Fresians. All of which puts into perspective his cultivated and grounded approach to music.

Nathan is a clever and practical musician who is not trying to appeal to everyone with hype and marketing magic. He is simply putting out the music he loves, and the stories which come directly from his heart and mindset.

Such is the case with the single “Bullet”, a track that looks at someone who has reached the end of his tether in life, and is ready to leave it behind, with no regrets. “I don’t want your conversation. That’s why I showed up here alone. And I intend to leave here the same,” sings Monsters Are Real, in the opening lines of the track. Before storyline reaches its apex: “I ain’t got no prolific words of wisdom, and I know there is only me to blame. So don’t bore me with your righteous criticisms. Tonight, I’m going out with a bang. Cause at the bottom of this glass is a bullet.”

Now if you like your music full of pathos, pride and awareness then this is the song for you. And those elements are not only to be found in the lyrics, but also in the music, and the vocals. Nathan Brachear has a distinctively gritty and soulful voice, hence you’ll hear the heavy flavor of the blues in both the vocals and the crunchy, fiery guitar work. As a result, both “Bullet” and Monsters Are Real, will appeal to fans of rock, blues, and even Alt-Americana and Outlaw Country aficionados.

Monsters Are Real has the right combination of grit and natural delivery with well-thought-out, relatable lyrics. The combination of these elements and a humble, grounded stance, separates this project from most other artists in the rock category today. “Bullet” is as good as any of Monsters Are Real releases, so have a listen to those too!


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