Killa P – “We Up” is enticing and often hypnotic!

Keyon “Killa P” Purite was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Ronald Purite, an African-American musician. In 2002, Killa P moved to Ann Arbor, Mi after the tragic death of his brother. Finding ways to cope, he began to study underground and industry rap music. Already having experience in performing in front of a live crowds, Killa P launched his music career in 2006 by releasing his first mix tape, “Truth In Da Booth”, with the super group Pinnacle Music Group.

He soon established himself as a multi-talented music artist, entrepreneur and entertainer with a strong following. Christmas Eve sees the release of Killa P’s album “With Time Comes the Ugly Truth”, from which he has lifted the lead single, “We Up”.

Killa P delivers a quality single with “We Up”. He tackles the tough issues when you’re trying to push forward in the tough world that surrounds you, while citing his own grind and hustle, which mold into a vision of success.

The song always keeps you on your toes with the rhythm and the beat, as Killa P holds it together with his flow and narrative. You’ll be fascinated by the way his raps sound like a full stand-alone story, layered onto an entrancing and mesmerizing instrumental.

“We Up” excels at integrating its concept with its music. Anyone could listen to this track and assume its concept. Not only because of its lyrics, but because its beat has an urgent and inspiring flavor. Killa P’s steady and resonant baritone grounds his rhyme scheme and constantly moving flows.

He is confident in his raps, spitting them out like ultimate truths. The production is enticing and often hypnotic, as Killa P’s vocals dominate and weave their way in and out of the instrumental.

Though insanely captivating, the drum and piano driven production leaves all responsibility up to Killa P’s lyricism and delivery. And without hesitation the rapper proves that you should be taking him more seriously with every release from now onward.

Rooted in extremely relatable street poetry, his style is saturated with hard-hitting bars that worm their way into your head straight away. His imagery is so clear, it simply possesses the ability to be interpreted in the blink of an eye.

Having crafted a beautifully direct, yet intellectual project, it can be assumed that Killa P is walking down a specific path with this project. “We Up” sounds incredibly awake, focused and sharp.

Killa P packs just the right amount of words into the majority of his bars and skips on superfluous flexes, as his lines meld together into steady stream of consciousness. It is music full of thought and social relevance, especially when it comes to life’s struggles and finding a way to rise to the top.

“We Up” strikes its brush in a lush palette of sounds for your ears, as Killa P’s unique tone of voice, combined with his gift for riding beats make for a very pleasing listen. Killa P is an artist that deserves to be prominent in the conversation. “We Up”, along with his album “With Time Comes the Ugly Truth” promises to afford him that privilege.


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