3Mind Blight – “Until The End” – an excellent record!

“Until The End” falls into a metal-meets-alternative rock category that grips you from beginning to end. The rock just keeps on coming from 3Mind Blight – a musician effortlessly crosses the lines between Metal, Orchestral and Rock, to Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock. A distorted guitar slowly creeps in, triggering an urgent sense of anticipation. Keep listening. It digs deep into the essence of rhythm and melody, contrasting edgy vocals and gritty six-string work.  Each element uniquely fits together like a sonic jigsaw puzzle. Not only does “Until The End” deliver on its obligations as a rock song, but it also manages to pull everything together into an immersive and emotional listening experience.

Superficially, this is an excellent record. Beneath the surface, however, there is more to “Until The End” than first meets the ear. An expressive, pressing prose about the tribulations associated with what it means to be human. “I’ve never been able to act like I’m stable, because I won’t follow these rules. So whose gonna save you, this world will enslave, and treat you just like you’re the fool. So let me in. I’ll be your friend. Until the end,” sings 3Mind Blight, highlighting the will to bond with, and support someone in need, and close to his heart.

3Mind Blight

The driving instrumental sections paves the way for 3Mind Blight’s vocals to be a stand-up part of this track. Compared to his older stuff, “Until The End” shows that 3Mind Blight has not lost his touch of blending the heavier music with the melodic side of his vocals.

Every release intensifies his heavier side but never fully walks away from the dark melodic sound. His growth is easily demonstrated in each single release. 3Mind Blight has one of the best track records out of any indie artist in the rock and metal music scene.

Each single the award-winning 3Mind Blight releases, has its own style, with some advances to make the music feel fresh, while never losing his intrinsic core aesthetic. The bass is clear, heavy, and has a groove to it. The guitar work has that traditional chunky chug, with a fiery solo to match. The drums are a like metronome that crushes when it needs to.

All resulting in the fact that “Until The End” is an excellent record that manages to mix a beautiful melody and hard-driving rock to deliver yet another nearly perfect song.

3Mind Blight has his core sound that resonates with each release, but he always manages to somehow grow that sonic aesthetic, making it even more compelling. No-one should underestimate what 3Mind Blight is capable of, in a musical sense.

He represents that pillar of independent strength capable of holding up a brand of alternative rock and metal that could easily pierce the mainstream consciousness, succeeding where so many of his peers and contemporaries have fallen.

3Mind Blight is definitely a cut above some of the utter dreck to ooze out of the current mainstream landscape, mostly thanks to his imposing presence and realistic emotional angst. “Until The End” easily elevates above radio-rock’s even most inspired efforts.


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