Austin Alchemy is definitely not your average artist

Austin Alchemy is definitely not your average artist. He is a multidimensional-multifaceted rapper and producer who also makes ambient and dance music. “Yeah, I know, pretty crazy. I refer to myself as a sound alchemist. Meaning I use the power of sound to help inspire and empower others as well as inform in hopes of sparking some change,” says Austin.

Whether his rapping a song on mental health, or dropping conscious bars, making all sorts of beats, or producing an ambient track, Austin’s purpose is to help people learn to govern themselves so that they can break free from the shackles of fear.

Besides producing for other artists, Austin Alchemy is currently working on a number of his own projects. He is in the process of finishing his project, ‘Reflections’, which is an introspective album about his struggles with mental health.


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