The Poet Andrew Carroll – “A Cheaters Karma (No One Deserves This) – Edify” – rich imagery and powerful emotions!

Stories and love make the world go round. They capture our minds, pull at our heartstrings and inspire change, growth and development. In music, poetry, novels, or visual art, all creators wish for their narratives to engage and connect with their audiences, and this is why storytelling lies at the very core of these highly communicative arts. The telling of stories, the suggesting of facts, and the unravelling of emotions, are the fundamentals that help us start exciting conversations and profound thought processes to enrich and expand the human experience. Storytelling does not mean simply reciting a tale with a beginning, middle, and an end. Storytelling is about giving people a world to step into, if only for a moment. It is an art, which requires passion put on paper, and words that can be expressed with raw emotion.

Spoken Word poetry and Storytelling has gained much popularity in the past few years with artists performing in front of dedicated fans and audiences. These art forms have gained momentum around the world, where speakers and poets deliver awe-inspiring pieces about their lives, giving listeners goose bumps and leaving them speechless.

One such creative is The Poet Andrew Carroll – poet, creative, traveler, healer, witness, love, solo artist, and vocalist – who has just released an astonishing and affecting storytelling piece entitled, “A Cheaters Karma (No One Deserves This) – Edify”. The story is centered on the cycles and pain of infidelity. “I cheated in the past,” says Carroll, concluding: “You reap what you sow.”

The Poet Andrew Carroll is a man of words that pierce the heart. He relives his encounter with infidelity, in “A Cheaters Karma (No One Deserves This) – Edify”, and compels you to listen. “Karma has come back around to take the toll I skipped before,” opens Carroll, before unfolding the premise. “I have been a cheater, but never the cheated…Now I see…Now I know…now I understand…the full blown destruction wrought.” All of which, he qualifies more profoundly: “Truly, madly, deeply I was loved when I cheated…Truly, madly, deeply you were loved when you cheated…loved by me.”

Delivering a performance much like a theatrical monologue, this is a deeply emotional rendition of an afflicting personal experience using word play, attitude and nuance. All of which are key ingredients in The Poet Andrew Carroll’s skillset.

Unhindered or supported by rules, rhythms, sounds and etiquettes, the author and speaker’s innate artistic temperament, to form a truly enthralling performance is allowed to come to the fore. Carroll reaches a particularly emotional apex when he arrives at the following lines:

“I am an incredible man; you consistently and constantly criticize me. I am a beautiful man; you keep affirmations to yourself. I am a supportive man, yet I am nothing…never enough…ungrateful expectations. I am love. I am light. I am goodness and all that is right…and yet when I’m with you…I feel like nothing, accoutrement, dressing, a display in your desire to appear…perfect.” The Poet Andrew Carroll’s voice rises and falls as he weaves emotions using the inherent music of poetry and the rhythm of words. He strings words together to paint vivid visual images of his story, taking you along for an immersive ride.

He closes the story with moments of self-awareness, acceptance and enlightenment. “Only I can save me….only I can save me…only I can save me…from you. Be gone. My heart is broken. Be gone. My soul is broken. Be gone. I am broken. So I can grow…and in no time…no time…I will grow to be incredibly unrecognizable. And so you will…so you will…so you will go away from me. Go away from me. Go away from me…”

Penetrating and focused, The Poet Andrew Carroll’s performance ripples with eloquent rhetoric, rich imagery, powerful emotions, and an expressive voice. His words hold fast in the mind, as they bring us to a deepened coherence with his world, and within the many levels of ourselves.

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