Kid Drip is a 14 year old independent hip hop artist

Hi, I’m KID DRIP. I’m a 14 year old independent hip hop artist. I know I’m young, but don’t underestimate me yet. I’ve been working on music ever since I was 8 years old. I’ve gained over 20k listeners on Spotify in just one month. I’ve also spoken to huge artists about collaborating in the future.

I come from a very small town in Illinois. Growing up my family struggled with money. Luckily, we hustled and now we are okay. I’ve always loved helping people and I’ve always loved music. I love making music that people can relate to and listen to on the darkest days. I want to save the world eventually.

What makes me different is my style, and my goals. I have unique sounding vocals and also a unique appearance. My goal is to mentally heal as many people as possible on this earth. I even once said “I don’t make regular music, I make prescriptions.”


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