PannoBeats & Euphony Bars – “Been Where I Been” – a powerful message and a vibrant beat!

Right out of the blocks, the single “Been Where I Been” is potent in both its sharp delivery and vivid imagery. Boasting a whirlwind and sweeping intro of twinkling keys, shimmering guitars and slapping percussion, weaved together by Italian producer PannoBeats, the Rochester, New York rapper and lyricist, Euphony Bars comes in with a resonant and acute cadence, which reiterates his magnetism. “Been Where I Been”, with its confrontational proclamations, buoyant production, and engaging soundscape, feels like just the beginning of something even greater.

Based in London, PannoBeats is originally from Sardinia, Italy. He has been making beats for about 10 years, initially producing for various Italian artists, before beginning to work with emcees from USA, UK and Canada. He is currently working toward releasing his official album. On “Been Where I Been”, PannoBeats has found ingenious ways to lighten the mood while still always coming down on the side of head nodding groove.

Above all, “Been Where I Been” is a triumph of all sorts of unexpected syntheses, seamlessly uniting disparate cultures, styles and moods into a cohesive track. The line “U Cant talk like I talk you If ain’t been where I been” is a logical and powerful statement that Euphony Bars hands out as he unfolds the song’s narrative.

The detailed storytelling, and weaving of honest emotion and ideas into music is a skill that most of the genre’s greats have exemplified at some point, and Euphony Bars is an artist who does it with ease.

Euphony Bars delivers a raw and unapologetic performance that definitely stands out as one of the most memorable moments on the track, but with everything considered, “Been Where I Been” is truly at its best because of the chemistry between the beat and the rapper. PannoBeats holds the production reins tightly guiding the song through its motions, while mix master Michele Tes blends everything into an absolute listening pleasure.

“Been Where I Been” is a vibrant and honest track that grows on you as the subject material sinks in, and each time through you’re bound to catch something that you missed the last time, since PannoBeats and Euphony Bars have packed the track with layers of emotion and knowledge, which is just simmering below the surface of the groove.

The fiercely ambitious rapper, Euphony Bars, is one of the best in the underground game right now. Any new release we see from him warrants an immediate listen, and when he hooks up with producers the caliber of PannoBeats, the creative sparks fly.

The New York MC’s deft flow and cool delivery underscores his sharp wordsmithing and tongue twisting rhymes: “Swear there ain’t no competition. Highly gifted and I’m omnipresent. Sungaze till my body glisten. Hammurabi on a Gotti mission. Kundalini do the Scottie Pippen. Golden teachers really got me trippin’. Switch my vision to the 3d dimension,” spits Euphony Bars. While underneath, the beat by PannoBeats, proves to be another key weapon for “Been Where I Been”.

No doubt, the rap and hip-hop scene has undergone a creative renaissance in the past few years, and, alongside PannoBeats, are the latest pair of collaborators, pushing hard to emerge at the forefront.



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