Whoreible Decisions Podcast On The Verge Of Breaking Up?

The first sex podcast we have seen this happen to was Call Her Daddy. This isn’t new. However, it is very surprising. Weezy the main Host of WD podcast has recently gone on a roar blasting her true feelings towards co-host Mandii B for starting her own podcast studio business. One could only assume the tension has been boiling since the announcement of Mandii’s Six-figure deal with her own Podcast “See The Thing Is”. The envy is highlighted in a response video made from the “Average Blows” podcast. Since their response, Weezy’s story has evolved every time she’s told it. She recently claimed her staff and herself felt unsafe during the situation. While the “Average Blows” podcast has yet to respond again, Mandii has also been radio silent during this whole thing. Instead, Mandii can be seen via Instagram having a blast while she is hard at work covering the BET AWARDS with Co-host Bridget Kelly from “See The Thing Is”. Whoreible Decisions 6 year streak is on the line. How long can they continue to “awkwardly” work together? This would be tragic. Let’s see how this plays out in the coming months.

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