Yung HeartBreaker – “Gang” ft. Trxp Rozeyy is a record flourishing with variable sonic goodness

On his album ‘Speak Of The Devil’, I feel like Yung HeartBreaker has become really comfortable with who he is as a songwriter and artist. The past year showed immense growth for the 19-year-old, born and based in England, not only in musical ability but in his choice of beats and features, and I think that gives him more room to do exactly what he wants with his music. On the album Yung HeartBreaker seems to be searching for answers, clarity, and purpose. It is a project that should truly expand his audience.

Yung HeartBreaker has become hyper-aware of his best sonic pocket, which is apparent throughout ‘Speak Of The Devil’. On one of the lead singles “Gang” featuring Trxp Rozeyy, the artist and songwriter sits in an undeniable space for his verses that jolts electricity from the jump. Due to the feature, the song represents two sides of the current rap sound, where Yung HeartBreaker alongside Trxp Rozeyy prove to be at the center of it.

You can feel, solely through the song’s tones that Yung HeartBreaker appears to know what he wants, and exactly where he wants to go from here. The production is warm and layered with resonating rhythmic bang driving its underbelly. On top, Yung HeartBreaker leans into his melodic singsong delivery, which is both catchy and hypnotic, while featured guest, Trxp Rozeyy brings some more classic hardnosed bars, to give the song a double-sided edge.

Being an independent artist in the oversaturated modern music industry is difficult, but Yung HeartBreaker embraces that challenge. Since the start, he has had a do-it-yourself mentality and maintaining full control over the artistic process. This allows him to put out authentic and original material that plays both, to his own personal muse as well as the popular current trends and tendencies. Yung HeartBreaker music is synonymous with featuring smooth, vibe-driven, emotional and introspective music.

“Gang” ft. Trxp Rozeyy meshes well with Yung HeartBreaker’s overall style and possesses a beat that complements his artistic ambitions well. The captivating production immediately starts the track off on a haunting note before the skittering percussion and momentum-pushing vocals set in to enliven the proceedings. Yung HeartBreaker’s passion and sure-footed ambition is evident throughout his delivery, as he builds the foundation of the track.

The groundwork set by Yung HeartBreaker, creates the perfect template for Trxp Rozeyy to roll in with his enthralling rhymes. The combination of the two artists make a record flourishing with variable sonic goodness. This single is another showcase of improved technical prowess in Yung HeartBreaker’s pure artistic abilities, highlighting once again his level of delivery, penmanship and versatility.

At this point, it may sound repetitive, but “Gang” ft. Trxp Rozeyy is just another quality beat, another quality performance on the mic, and another testament of songwriting bravado from Yung HeartBreaker. Ultimately, it is another great song to add to his growing catalog of sonic gems. All of this, and he is not even out of his teens just yet!


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