BCrazy – “Match It” lives up to lofty expectations

Technically speaking, Eighteen-year-old creative BCrazy from Raleigh, NC, is one of the best young underground rappers currently in the game. He can rap at nearly any speed and changes his flow nearly effortlessly. He can deliver songs that lean on vibe and melody, or he can furnish tracks that dig deeper into his flow and lyrical side. His latest single, “Match It” relies on these latter elements. Getting plenty of praise can sometimes cause an artist to falter and not live up to lofty expectations. That is not the case with BCrazy. The is a flex song, in which he shows how very good he is at what he does, it features wordplay, a flow and production that are out of this world.

If I wanted to point out any negatives, on “Match It”, there are none. When it comes to sheer performance, BCrazy’s voice has rarely been more elastic. The song expands on his sound and proves that the rapper is one to watch. Time will tell if “Match It” lands him in larger discussions of next level that he most certainly belongs in, but in the meantime, he’s killing it anyway.

As a performer, BCrazy has an enormous mic presence, which dominates the beats he is rapping on. That equation is maintained on “Match It”. The song carries a balance of energy and flow which matches the quick percussion playing in the background that can only be described as hypnotic.

There is rarely a moment where this track isn’t overwhelmingly pleasant, wrapping the listener in sound that captures the purity of the original moment in the booth, as well invigorating the present one.

“Match It” keeps escalating and plateauing with such brilliance, it ends leaving the listener wanting so much more but maybe their ears just can’t take it, with BCrazy’s aggressive tones providing enough grit to devastate them. Though completely entrenched in the role of being a new wave music maker, BCrazy is attuned to the various core elements of the genre that elevate rap artists into the rarest of stratospheres.

While those elements may differ from rapper to rapper and evolve over time, there are certain boxes that must be checked off in order to truly be considered a worthy craftsman of the art of rapping. For most post-millennium rap artists, those boxes present themselves as a chimera, either out of stylistic choice, or lack of talent. Neither of these dilemmas apply to BCrazy.

Fully aware of his artistic baggage, BCrazy looks to etch his name alongside that of his peers. He equips himself well, matching lyrical efficiency with technical excellence in his triumvirate of talents, which include an ability to blend substance and style, allowing him to appeal to a vast selection of music lovers. 2022 is shaping up to be the kind of year that will bring the Raleigh rapper to the next level. Can you “Match It”?


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