Composur – “Living Legend” – a penchant for densely written verses, and impressive rapping technique!

Hailing from New York, rapper Composur holds a unique space in the hip-hop world for his vivid lyrical narratives that able to cross over to many different hip-hop audiences without having to pander in the least. While he’s by no means a revivalist or a clone of past peers, Composur’s blueprint to stick to the hip-hop tradition of stories through the bang of over booming production will strike a chord with rap purists, underground heads and even the indie-rap curious alike. Whether you chalk this up to Composur’s pure talent, how genuine his records sound, or both, his real buzz depends on the fact that the projects he has released have actually delivered. His latest 11-track “Living Legend” album plays testimony to that fact.

What makes Composur such a captivating performer is his proven ability to thrive on any sort of hip-hop production. The fact that he bursts out of the gate with a thrilling flow on “Intro”, and then follows it up with gritty wordplay on “Swag With it”, before sounding totally comfortable on the melodically inclined “I Want To Be Your Man”, shows his tremendous versatility. A skill he has in abundance. It’s a gift that will bring many more fans to the artist.

By the time we press play, on the cinematic splendor of “Beast Mode”, Composur’s strong artistic vision for this project cannot be denied. The rapper’s strong voice as a writer unifies the project into one cohesive listen, and while he never leaves fans with a shortage of quotables, here, it’s his actual flow that might just steal the show. “On The Ground” is an incredibly convincing argument for the above statement, but just as important, is the conscious theme he brings to the table here.

From track to track, Composur puts all of his cards on the table, and his hand of versatility wins every time. “Livin’ in Sin” bounces with a neck-breaking groove, before “Block Skit” unfolds his raw storytelling skills, and “One Time” brings that boom bap flavored bang. Composur showcases both his top tier lyricism and melodic flow throughout the highly orchestrated “So Lethal”.

“Tryin’ To Live Right” is a telling moment on what is Composur’s most mature album yet, one that shows off his penchant for densely written verses, his impressive rapping technique, and his knack for throwing in an ear-warming melodic hook. Composur’s sense of drama and tension is at its most gripping on the closing track, “Til I’m Numb”. Though it’s the final cut, it is still one of the most vivid here, showing that Composur never drops his intensity levels throughout the recording.

This album fulfilled every expectation I had and then some with a whole lot of flavors that really work. Simply, you should grab a copy of “Living Legend”, regardless of your prior acquaintance with Composur. The beats are top-tier and accessible.

The subject matter is cohesive yet diverse, and Composur drops some explosive bars. It’s not an album you need to be a hip-hop head or rap connoisseur to love either. It’s 11 tracks of sonic goodness that you can enjoy on a myriad of levels.

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