Aaron Royal – “Purple Henny Pt.2” – a foundation that is rooted in quality and substance

First impressions go a long way, and give a sense of what an artist is made of and what can be expected of them in future. The single, “Purple Henny Pt.2” provides Texan artist Aaron Royal a chance to prove his worth and lay the groundwork for a foundation that is rooted in quality and substance, two traits that are present in any body of work to be admired. The project serves as an introduction to get acquainted with the voice behind the music, and the mind behind the rhymes. The rapper gives listeners a glimpse of his potential as a storyteller throughout the recording. His voice is rich and deep, his cadence unforced and surefooted. Therefore it’s no surprise that the greatest strengths in Aaron Royal’s artistry, immediately appears to be his flow and resonating vocal tones, which shine through brightest on this track.

Regardless of the lyrical theme on “Purple Henny Pt.2”, Aaron Royal comes across as one of the more thoughtful and cerebral talents to emerge as of late. The production provides a sumptuous, bass-booming atmosphere, something rich and indulgent. On top of the mix, Aaron Royal’s buttery voice smooths the listening experience even more. His name could be a by-word for the understated authenticity Aaron pours into his delivery.

At times, it’s surprising how figures like Aaron Royal are found out on the fringes of an industry which affords success to other – sometimes less talented – artists. Opening out his sound, the production moves away from the bombastic mainstream levels to something more intimate, a sonic palette that seeks out renewed nuance in the genre. The harmony between light and shade, rhythm and rhyme, fuels Aaron Royal’s flow.

Aaron Royal

There is a certain alchemy in hip-hop whereby the pairing of the emcee and the production becomes more than the sum of its parts. It’s there, in the pairing of Aaron Royal and the beat, where “Purple Henny Pt.2” finds a reciprocal resonance, each allowing the other to fly higher, and shine brighter. For his part, Aaron brings a commanding sense of focus and propulsion, powering the record through with his considerable vocal tones.

Aaron Royal’s delivery is immaculate and impacting, without the need to ever raise his voice or race through his rhymes in overwhelming ways. His ability to engage and dominate in conversation evolves naturally from the opening bars of “Purple Henny Pt.2”.

He sounds super-refined, in the groove, and lyrically on point. And when he needs to switch up his flow, he does so effortlessly. His top-tier storytelling ability guides the listener through a compelling and vibrant tale.

I’m not sure how long Aaron Royal has been officially working his craft or releasing music, but he definitely sounds like the kind of artist I should’ve discovered earlier. From the very moment “Purple Henny Pt.2” kicks off, Aaron Royal manages to make his musical mark on the record.

The whole atmosphere of the song makes the listening experience feel very immersive, as you are drawn into the artist’s narrative and colorful world. The amount of creativity and effort Aaron put into this track to make it spotless really shines through.


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