DJ Spinn – “You’re My Satellite” displays a high level of technical ability!

The single “You’re My Satellite” by DJ Spinn, is both melodically stunning and bass bumping goodness.  I was hypnotized by the unique vocals and infectious sound. The track plays heavy on the atmospheric vibes and really utilizes the female wistful vocals to help build a connection with the listener. A DJ for 20 years, DJ Spinn moved to producing for other artists, before doing it for himself. His latest single, from start to finish, is an incredible, solid banger, drop it in your deck and just zone out. Even though prolific musicians cannot be expected to constantly produce surprising, innovative music, DJ Spinn is already on his fourth single release this year, with each one holding their own.

DJ Spinn is an enormously talented musician. The production aspects of “You’re My Satellite” are extremely interesting and its drum n’ bass grooves will make the listener move, even before they realize they are. DJ Spinn certainly went from being a DJ to entertaining his own ideas and creating distinctly amazing sounds in his catalog of tracks, in a very successful way. A seemingly highly technical person, DJ Spinn proves here why he is in charge of his own sound

DJ Spinn

“You’re My Satellite” weaves together elements of his one-of-a-kind synthesized groove, with the utmost ease. DJ Spinn’s love for both random vocalizations in the background and actual lyrics sung in the foreground, together with his overall love for twisting synths and some badass basslines come into focus here.

This single takes his amazing repertoire of work to the next level. The scale at which DJ Spinn employs the bass is not only intoxicating, but proportionate to the magnitude of the track itself.

“You’re My Satellite” is a testament to what happens when accomplishment is just not enough to someone whose ambitions are propelled by his creativity and the will to entertain. DJ Spinn’s distinctive style, consistently well-received and reviewed, has maintained a high level of technical ability that will surprise many of his peers.

DJ Spinn is much more than your average producer simply looking to feed his ego. The track explores various sounds highlighting DJ Spinn’s creative spontaneity, resulting in an intensely vibrant and energetic track.

DJ Spinn has a particular talent for sculpting basslines that lift a song from the ground-up instead of simply weighing it down. In fact, “You’re My Satellite” is almost weightless bouncing on frothy synths and slapping drums. On top, the songstress drops mellifluous hooks and hummed harmonies. This song is a beautiful interplay of electronic and vocal elements on an ever-shifting musical canvas.

“You’re My Satellite” is all encompassing, but never overwhelming, as DJ Spinn meshes the delicately beautiful vocals with the build of the bass, and the full-blown, powerful beat that makes it clear what all the excitement should be about. There is no question that sooner or later industry moguls will start paying attention to DJ Spinn, if he keeps this level of quality and momentum going.


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