Gossip Stone – “Carry On” is sonically robust but always sweetly mellifluous

There are moments in Gossip Stone’s latest so full of texture and detail, the effect can be overwhelmingly immersive. In “Carry On”, the Detroit, MI indie-dreamo band consisting of Randy (vocals, guitar, writer), Jamie (vocals), John (Bass), and Steve (drums) make startling use of a rich guitar driven arrangement, adding scope and drama to music that may already seem endlessly deep. The lead vocals coo ever so aptly as the dual voices enter the song adding a further layer of sumptuousness. “Watch you run to chase the line. Looking back from time to time. Search for truth from place to place. Find the same sad steps retraced. Remember what it means to me,” recites the opening lines, unfolding the thought-provoking narrative.

“Carry On” is their biggest effort in more ways than one. Yet it’s not as if the band were ever hesitant about granting their music a degree of grandeur. Even in the earlier 2021 songs such as, “Daydreamer” and “Feeling Ok”, released by the fruitful collective of Gossip Stone, there was the sense that what they were creating was even fuller than the expected fundamental parts their genre label suggested. Moreover, the production is cleaner, tighter and resonant.

Gossip Stone

The guitars, for all their ringing jangle and overdriven sweep, are pristine and immaculately placed in the audio spectrum. The thump of the drums are easily discernable in the mix, while the basslines roll fluidly from bar to bar, in an impressive amalgam of sonic bliss in “Carry On”. With that template in place, and the reverb adding further depth to the production, Gossip Stone turn the intensity dial up or down, as circumstances demand.

As is typical for any track that comes in such a generous sonic serving, the flavors need to be balanced, and kept in check, so as not to appear an indistinguishable, reverberating clutter. Luckily Gossip Stone are just as able in pulling back, as they are in expanding outward, hence never losing their magical intimacy, regardless of how big the sound is. The band know what they are good at and they constantly find ways to fine-tune their sound.

“Carry On” is sonically robust but always sweetly mellifluous, in delivering an epic, all-embracing template. The song is almost like a recap of what Gossip Stone have done on all their previous singles. So it is a refinement of their initial vision, and not a changing of it. The crunchy underlying foundation, the shimmering jangle of the guitars and the glossy echoing melody give the song its necessary blend of sparkle and bite.

“Carry On” is a vibrant mix of sounds, in a comfortably energetic track. There’s so much going on here, and the quality of the composition is lifted by each facet of the instrumentation and vocals, which contribute to an organically rich soundscape. There is considerable vitality in this tune with exhilarating highpoints, proving that Gossip Stone can be either gentle or powerful when needed. For those who choose to experience the perfect display of their indie-dreamo formula, “Carry On” makes for an abundantly rewarding listen.

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