Fully Bold – “Drinking Lies” – The level of excellence is astounding

Fully Bold, the dynamic R&B/Neo-Soul duo hailing from Seoul, South Korea, has been turning heads, by blending their diverse backgrounds and bold, unapologetic sounds. These two talented musicians first crossed paths while studying abroad in Boston, in a chance encounter at a bank. However, it was their shared love of music that brought them together, and they’ve been set on making waves ever since. Fully Bold’s debut EP, released through Majestic Casual Records in May 2020, highlighted their signature blend of warmth, storytelling, and soulful melodies. They’re back with their latest single, “Drinking Lies”, a smooth and crystalline track that’s sure to have you grooving and experiencing all the feels.

Fully Bold is lighting up the R&B/Neo-Soul scene with their electrifying chemistry and fearless approach to music. The duo’s soothing vocals are a balm for troubled times, with their calming assertiveness providing a much-needed dose of therapy in a world plagued by political unrest. As Fully Bold continues to gain momentum and make waves in the industry, they may very well emerge as shining stars, providing solace and comfort to music lovers everywhere.

“Girl you got me love struck. Blinded by the way you move. Blinded by the way you. Girl you got my heart unlocked. You know I’m feeling you. Girl you know I’m feeling you,” sings Fully Bold in a narrative that unfolds the theme of “Drinking Lies”. The music is just as seductive as the vocals, as it swirls in intoxicating auras around your head. “Pretty young thing in the black dress girl what you saying tonight. I wanna get to know you. You and your friends drinking champagne. Out looking for a good time. Something I can show you.”

The level of excellence, both from the vocal and the production, is astounding. Fully Bold, like true greats do, bring multiple musical influences together in their music, while developing their own sound.

“Drinking Lies” truly is Neo-Soul at its finest as the mellifluous vocals dazzle throughout. Lyrically and melodically Fully Bold paint intensely vivid images laced over rhythmic soulful production that delights throughout.

The deep basslines throb alongside the skittering percussion, and the resonant keys, effortlessly oozing sultry vibes of desire and passion. The lead vocals serves aural honey to listeners through the poignant tones and faultless runs.

Placing their artistry in a fresh context, “Drinking Lies” feels just right, merging the sound of their debut with fresh elements, and stunning vocals, without losing the innate character that makes them feel so special.

True trailblazers within their comfort zone, Fully Bold are way out in front of the pack. The track excels because it builds upon the foundation of Fully Bold’s core sound, offering fans an even more sophisticated slice of their addictive sonic pie.

“Drinking Lies” delivers musical maturity, lyrical reflection, and the sense that these two know exactly what they are doing. Everything about Fully Bold oozes class, panache and soul. They have a special quality that allows listeners to acknowledge, absorb and enjoy their music with effortless ease.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://fullyboldmusic.com/

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