MOXIE – “Hypnotized” – the vibrant dynamism and simmering energy are palpable!

MOXIE are the rock ‘n’ roll saviors we’ve been waiting for. With their killer combination of classic rock motifs and a fresh, modern perspective, these LA-based rebels are setting the music scene alight. Their electrifying new single “Hypnotized” (set to drop on January 27th) is a prime example of their ability to channel the angst and emotion of youth into powerhouse anthems that resonate with audiences of all ages. MOXIE’s music is a reflection of the struggles we all face in life – from rebellion and heartbreak to self-doubt and mental health. Through it all, their songs remind us to believe in ourselves and keep pushing forward. Moreover, when MOXIE hit the stage or the studio, they bring a fire that burns brighter than anything you’ve ever seen.

“Hypnotized” is an explosive, three-minute anthem that packs a punch from start to finish. From the moment the track begins, the vibrant dynamism and simmering energy are palpable. The jabbing bassline, the slamming drums, and crunchy guitars create a foreboding atmosphere that is impossible to ignore. As the song progresses, the tension is ratcheted up in increments, building to a crescendo of soaring vocals that will leave you breathless.

The instrumental on “Hypnotized” is nothing short of masterful. The bassline is a driving force that propels the song forward, while the drums are a thunderous wall of sound that will shake you to your core. The guitars add a layer of grit and attitude that gives the track a sense of danger and rebellion. However, it’s the vocals that truly steal the show on “Hypnotized”.

The female singer’s voice is a powerful instrument in its own right, capable of reaching emboldened tones and expressing a wide range of emotions. As the tension builds and the song reaches its climax, the vocals soar to new heights, delivering a truly unforgettable performance. In short, “Hypnotized” is a powerhouse track that will leave you wanting more. MOXIE have delivered a track that is equal parts raw energy and musical prowess.

“Hypnotized” is a spellbinding piece of work, sure to leave listeners in a trance. With its dense potion of witty lyrics, cutting guitars, and mesmerizing drums, this track is a masterclass in musical storytelling. From the first few seconds of “Hypnotized”, it’s clear that MOXIE are a band that is unafraid to push the boundaries of what’s still possible in modern rock music. As the raw and powerful guitars cut through the mix, there is a sense of urgency that is impossible to ignore.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about “Hypnotized” is the way that it paints a vivid picture of MOXIE’s direction of travel as a band. With this track, they’ve given us a glimpse into their creative process and a sense of what they’re capable of. And it’s clear that they’re a band with boundless potential, that has the ability to take their music to the next level.

In short, “Hypnotized” is a must-listen for fans of rock music. MOXIE are a creatively fearless band with boundless potential, and the only trajectory for them now is upward, into the elite atmosphere of the rock music world. If you’re ready for a band that’s going shake things up, MOXIE is the one. They’re set to become one of the greats and “Hypnotized” is the track that is going to put them on the map. Don’t miss out, mark your calendars for January 27th, and brace yourself for a rock ‘n’ roll revolution. Or simply get ready to be hypnotized!


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