Ashley Jordan – “Am I Gonna Survive” is a powerful and moving exploration of the human experience

Ashley Jordan is an exceptional singer-songwriter when it comes to crafting slice of life songs and performing them with passion. Growing up in the small town of Harvard, MA, she spent her summers in the Ozark Mountains with her grandparents, where her love for country music blossomed. Her late grandfather, a country-folk singer and songwriter, was a profound influence on her and shaped her musical DNA. At the young age of 13, Ashley convinced her parents to let her showcase her talent in Harvard Square, Cambridge, where she played her guitar and sang on the streets. Despite her shyness, crowds gathered around her and her tip jar overflowed with the generous contributions of her fans. This experience brought her to life in front of an audience, and Ashley found her calling and her voice.

By the time Ashley was 16, she had released her first album of original songs and was touring throughout New England. She has since released multiple singles and albums. Today, Ashley Jordan is an accomplished live performer who has opened for notable acts such as Trace Adkins, The Beach Boys, Jimmie Allen, Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan, Jon Langston and the Charlie Daniels Band. She has received major market airplay, a first-round Grammy nomination, and has won two back-to-back Country Artist of the Year awards at the Boston Music Awards. Furthermore, she has been twice-named a top 10 finalist on Nash Next, where she performed for industry legends Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records, Kix Brooks, and Desmond Child.

Ashley Jordan is currently set to release her brand new single, “Am I Gonna Survive”, on March 10. The song is a powerful and moving exploration of the complexities of emotional pain, and the struggle to find hope and meaning in the face of adversity. Jordan’s lyrics are raw and honest, capturing the intensity and depth of her emotions with a skill and sensitivity that is both impressive and deeply affecting. She explores the depths of affliction and uncertainty with an honesty and intensity that is both captivating and heart wrenching.

The song opens with Jordan questioning whether she is “falling apart” as the room around her darkens. She pleads with someone to stop telling her the truth, indicating a sense of emotional overwhelm and an inability to handle the weight of the situation. The reference to “poppa” suggests a reliance on a paternal figure for guidance and support in the face of the unknown.

As the song progresses, Ashley Jordan delves deeper into her emotional struggle, wondering if the pain she feels will last for hours, or worse, forever. The line, “is it gonna hurt real bad when I see the light,” contemplates the role of painful truths in life, questioning whether it will heal her, bring her closer to God, or simply lead to endless suffering. The repetition of the refrain, “poppa am I gonna sleep with this pain in my heart…forever,” underscores the severity of the emotional turmoil and the desperate need for reassurance and comfort.

The second verse of the song continues to explore the themes of transience and impermanence, with Ashley Jordan acknowledging the fleeting nature of love and the constant struggle to find purpose and meaning in life. She finds solace in retreating to her room and starting anew, perhaps an attempt to find a sense of control in a chaotic and uncertain world. Jordan’s voice is beautifully nuanced, as she delivers each line with an irresistible allure and conviction.

The bridge of song is perhaps the most poignant, with Ashley Jordan feeling as though she is falling apart while dropping to her knees. The reference to “everyone’s looking but nobody sees” highlights the isolation and alienation that can come with emotional pain, further reinforcing the need for connection and support from others. The thoughtful instrumentation and smooth production create a musical foundation that fits Jordan’s performance like a glove.

Overall, Ashley Jordan’s “Am I Gonna Survive” is a powerful and moving exploration of the human experience of suffering and the search for hope and meaning in the face of adversity. With its introspective lyrics and soulful delivery, the song is sure to resonate with anyone, and especially those who have faced a difficult and uncertain time in their lives. “Am I Gonna Survive” is a standout example of modern country music that spills across its boundaries to bridge a number of genre divides. Ashley Jordan will be releasing her single and touring throughout Nashville in March of 2023.


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