DIZTÖRTION – ‘Synthesize Me’ – delivers maximum punch with minimum space!

When the common person thinks of the 80’s, a couple of things immediately come to mind. The decade’s outrageous sense of fashion will probably pop into their head first, but a close second will certainly be the music. The rise of rock and metal during this decade, is associated to glam and stadium rock, where the names of bands such as Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Journey, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Poison and Warrant taking the genres in various directions. The power of the music resided in the massive riffs and epic choruses, which made every song stick in your head. Its an art that’s just about fallen by the wayside, until now. Along comes DIZTÖRTION, a rock band from southern Sweden, who’ve just just released their new single ‘Synthesize Me’, ready to bring back the 80’s vibes.

What comes up first and foremost, is the amazing melody, DIZTÖRTION’s ability to let the song breathe and grow, while truly kicking ass with memorable guitar and synth lines is incomparable in today’s scene. The band is able to incorporate tons of catchiness without compromising on the heavier aspects of a hard rock band. With the release of ‘Synthesize Me’, DIZTÖRTION seemingly check all the boxes of the epic 80’s rock aesthetics.

The arrival of “Synthesize Me” by DIZTÖRTION has effortlessly captured the essence of classic 80’s rock. The band boasts a cool confidence, impeccable hairstyles, a visually stunning music video, and the sonic ingredients that make for a thrilling experience: heart-pounding rock riffs, a catchy sing-along melody, and fist-pumping, anthemic lyrics.

DIZTÖRTION is not just kicking ass, they’re having the time of their lives, as they inject tongue in cheek humor into their music.  This is a great example of rock before all the eccentric edges got filed down. A neck-snapping song packed full of riffs, attitude, and a propulsive rhythm.

I realize that one listener’s deep cut is someone else’s filler, but the track’s charms extend well beyond nostalgia. DIZTÖRTION no doubt have a glam-rock image going on as well, but what may be overlooked is the fact that their music has a whole lot of influence from bands such as AC/DC and Metallica hidden in their super shiny sonic make-up.

Apart from the driving riffs, this single is very vocally driven. The melody delivers a recognizable anthemic feel, which makes for an impressive performance. DIZTÖRTION is just one of a handful of modern rock bands ready to reap the benefits of playing the same rock and roll grounds as some of the legendary 80’s bands.

Clocking in at just over three minutes, ‘Synthesize Me’ is one of those tracks that delivers maximum punch with minimum space. The track is an adrenaline-soaked blast that will have an appeal to an audience way wider than those who had been fans of 80’s rock and metal throughout the years.

The gritty gloss that DIZTÖRTION have is some miles above the meat and potatoes of many of the current rocks bands. ‘Synthesize Me’ has enough power and excitement to grab even the most casual observer. The recording is polished and excitingly true to the sound of the 80’s, while the abrasive roughness around the edges adds an authenticity to the listening pleasure. And that’s exactly what DIZTÖRTION would want you to experience.


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