Thy Veils – “Upstream” – a blend of spectral sounds and ethereal vocals

Romanian music innovators, Thy Veils, are taking their sound to new heights with the unveiling of their latest musical endeavor, “Upstream”. The song is a mesmerizing fusion of electronic and live instrumentation, showcasing the group’s expertise in constructing rich and evocative soundscapes. Thy Veils is not just a band, but a musical concept brought to life. The group blends minimalistic and intricate musings to take their listeners on a journey through uncharted territories of exploration and experimentation. With a history dating back to 1995, when they first began as a studio project, Thy Veils has since become a leading force in the Romanian ambient music scene. Through seven studio albums, four live recordings, several singles, a DVD of non-narrative video essays, as well as music for film and contemporary dance, the band has solidified its place as a pioneer in the ambient genre.

Alira Mun photo by Anita Ramona

Thy Veils’ live events are a sensory overload, immersing audiences in the inner realms of emotional comprehension and contemplation. The band consists of Daniel Dorobantu on electronics, keys, vocals, and visuals, Alira Mun on vocals and lyrics, Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. on bass and backing vocals, Petre Ionutescu on trumpet, and Attila Lukinich on mixing and mastering. Together, they weave a warm sonic tapestry that stimulates the senses and entices the mind into a state of fluidity.

The lyrics of “Upstream”, co-written by Daniel Dorobantu and Daniel Dorobantu, delve into the themes of motion and flow, conveying a positive and uplifting message of hope and perseverance. The use of imagery such as fire, light, and wind, creates a powerful visual picture that emphasizes the journey of moving forward and overcoming challenges.

The repetition of the phrases “Brighter, brighter, lighter, lighter” reinforces this message of hope and encourages the listener to keep pushing forward. The lines “The future reflected, In all-knowing eyes” add a touch of mysticism and suggest that the journey upstream is one of self-discovery, where the future is revealed to those who persist in their quest for truth.

Alira-Mun, Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. photo by Georgiana Feidi

The metaphor of “going upstream” symbolizes a journey against the current, which is a common theme in popular music and literature.  Overall, the lyrics effectively communicate a message of hope and perseverance. The use of imagery and repetition effectively drives home the message, making this a powerful and uplifting, yet mystical song.

Making this kind of music is always a balancing act. As much as you want to immerse the listener in a sheen of breezy, ambient and ethereal sounds, you still have to hold their attention. There are never times where “Upstream” fails to strike this balance by trading substance for atmosphere.

The power of the song never gets lost in the haze, as rolling percussion, resonant basslines and echoing horns gently sweep across the arrangement. The vocals revel in the soundscape, filling every appropriate space with melody that’s instantly engaging and enjoyable.

Alira Mun, Mircea Ardeleanu-Jr. & Petre Ionutescu photo by Georgiana Feidi

There’s so much thrilling mystery in the way Alira Mun performs these lyrics. Alluding to the fact that there is much more under the surface than a few initial listens can give me. There’s something about the blend of spectral sounds and ethereal vocals that I really find intriguing. “Upstream feels like a single that’s only going to get better over time too, an unexpected gem of a record.

“Upstream” provides a tantalizing glimpse into the introspective and expansive world of their upcoming album, “Next Forever“. Fans of Thy Veils can expect the same level of captivating sound and storytelling from “Upstream” that they have come to love. This new single is a testament to the group’s commitment to pushing the limits of ambient music and delivering sublime audio experiences.

Thy Veils continues to blaze new trails in the Romanian ambient music scene with the release of “Upstream”, taking listeners on a journey through uncharted territories. With the release of “Next Forever”, fans can expect even more introspective and immersive sonic experiences from this talented group.


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