Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif – “DrugHouse” grabs your attention off the bat!

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif, a native of Raleigh, NC, is a songwriter, recording and performance artist, as well as the owner of Will Of Writes Publishing. Uknomewel has released two albums, and some unique sounding singles via online streaming platforms since late 2019. While working with a number of producers, Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif has established his sound and presence in local and the independent hip-hop scene.

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif brings a focused cadence and an urgent flow with his brand new single the song “DrugHouse”. Much of the song has the sound of slow-burning energy, simmering under a tense lyrical demeanor just waiting to explode. The dark cinematic backdrop propels the dynamic bars, as the rapper lays down his tongue twisting narrative.

The opening verse, quickly unfolds Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s skillset. He covers all his bases in a impacting way, showing his mastery of tone, versatility and consistency across this multifaceted single.

“DrugHouse” shows Uknomewel confidently cementing his personal style, instead of chasing trends like most of his contemporaries and peers. Throughout the track, Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif doesn’t pull punches on. Everything that he has excelled at in the past – powerful storytelling, fluency and wordplay, has all been amplified.

His verses are more focused than ever and his flows have evolved to a point of absurdity. Uknomewel has never sounded this confident, speaking with a muted intensity that allows the inflections of his voice to shine through.

The moment an artist comes into their own is always a beautiful thing to witness. During the journey of mastering their respective crafts, they come to a point where they realize exactly who they are. “DrugHouse” may just be that moment for Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif .

Here he approaches his artistry with even more intention, and exudes a higher level of awareness in his music. On “DrugHouse”, Uknomewel fully understands the magnitude of his skillset, and all of the responsibilities that come with it. In fact he never overplays his hand.

Even when his dealing with the usual hip-hop tropes, his lyrical and vocal dexterity elevates the song to well above base level. “DrugHouse” is a thrilling track, with a gorgeous soundscape, and bursts of rap flows. The result is an immersive record that grabs your attention off the bat and surprises you at every turn.

It finds Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif working at the top of his powers. It’s been clear since his earlier releases that Uknomewel is a highly skilled rapper, but “DrugHouse” reveals there’s now an even grander scale to his vision.

In closing, it’s interesting to note that songwriting is Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s passion, and as such, he is highly interested in working with serious indie artists and professionals alike, his company, Will Of Writes Publishing is open to diligent artists seeking exposure and publishing. You can contact him via email or Instagram for bookings, ghostwriting, or other services.


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