Dylan Tauber – “I Am Alive” weaves gorgeous upbeat electronica and endearing ambiance

Dylan Tauber is an accomplished musician, artist, photographer, and author with a career spanning over 26 years. He graduated from Columbia University in 1996 and has since lived and worked in various locations around the world, including NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the South Pacific, and currently, a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence. Tauber has released 16 transcendental electronica music albums and runs a network of 24 websites featuring his artwork, music, writing, and photography. He is also the founder of the Double Mirrors and Ones and Zeros Theories, with his Double Mirrors Theory gaining popularity in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience. Tauber has also published several books and exhibited his photography in galleries across the world.

Dylan Tauber’s latest 12-track album is entitled, “I Am Alive”, and features vocals by artists from Spain and Indonesia. Firmly entrenched in the EDM musical idiom, Tauber’s work has elevated to a captivating level, which includes entrancing rhythms, soulful vocals, and lusciously rich cinematic styled electronic arrangements that lean into ambient territory. All throughout this album, Tauber uses his creativity and skill to create immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

Ever-shifting soundscapes remain constant in Dylan Tauber’s work. On “I Am Alive”, the pieces are given plenty of time to unfurl, yet most of these songs barely surpass the 3-minute mark, which is an admirable feat and a nod to Tauber’s arranging skills. He makes even the shortest of songs sound carefully thought-out and unrushed.  Tauber is irreducible as a composer, bringing to mind a sculptor, carving out ingenious shapes from enormous blocks of sound.

Tauber’s compositions paint a duality of sounds throughout the album, making it a decidedly contrasting (in a good way) and complimentary listen. At times, the sounds are expansive and highly emotional as they are on the carefully orchestrated back-to-back pieces, such as “Rebirth”, “Warm” and “Carmen”.

Whilst other moments see you swallowed up by the powerful sense of rhythm and melody, as on “Love And You Will Live”, “Spirit Guides”, “Whales”, “She’s A Dancer” and “I Love You Forever”, which unsurprisingly, also happen to be the tracks embellished by vocals. These cuts put Dylan Tauber firmly on EDM ground, where he could hold his own among the giants of the genre. These songs unpack throbbing beats, resonant synths, and soaring melodies backed by smartly written lyrics.

In between the vocal and the more, ambient styled tracks, are intoxicating hybrid compositions such as “I Am Alive”, “Reflection”, and “Dreaming”, where Dylan Tauber harnesses the power of the Son Of Waves Studio with striking results. The beats here are slower burning, but no less intense, while the vocals are used as infectious adlib motifs to add atmosphere alongside the cinematic synths.  Watching an artist transcend himself to achieve something as distinctive and effervescent as these songs is always a joyous and engrossing experience.

Dylan Tauber, the man responsible for the unparalleled beauty of “I Am Alive”, has always perceived music as a profound journey, which he reiterates on this recording, as he effortlessly weaves gorgeous upbeat electronica and endearing ambiance into one cohesive package that’s brilliantly tied together. “I Am Alive” is as much a mastery of mood and atmosphere as it is a mastery of EDM vibrancy. Unlike Dylan Tauber, not many electronic producers can manipulate both with equal dexterity.


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