Hidden Things – ‘Night Work’ – an impressive collection of songs!

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Greg Adams, known for his work with Swimclub, has emerged with a compelling new project called Hidden Things. Adams’ soul-stirring music is an electrifying concoction of emotional catharsis and thoughtful lyricism, which has won over the hearts of fans worldwide. Adams’ journey with Hidden Things started in 2019, when he was grappling with a painful loss and an increasingly divided political and cultural climate. During this trying time, he poured his heart and soul into his songwriting, channeling his emotions into what would eventually become the band’s debut album, ‘Not Even Regret’ – a profound exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery.

Fast forward to 2023, and Hidden Things has returned with their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Night Work.’ This latest offering sees Adams delving even deeper into his influences, citing the early days of MTV and the musical tastes of his eleven older siblings as key inspirations for the album’s ten pop-infused tracks.

With ‘Night Work,’ Adams has crafted an impressive collection of songs that showcase his versatility as an artist. From the jangling guitars and summer breeze vocals of ‘What More’, to the overdriven crunch and rolling basslines of ‘Pass The Time’, onto the urgent tempo and strummed chords of ‘It’s A Science’ and the foot-tapping groove of ‘Better’, Hidden Things open this album in scintillating fashion.

Greg Adams

Greg Adams’ songwriting prowess is on full display throughout ‘Night Work’, as Hidden Things seamlessly blend elements of pop, Indie, and new wave elements into a sonic tapestry that is both nostalgic and entirely fresh. The syncopated key motifs on ‘Serious Type’ are highly infectious while the catchy bass hooks and chunky riffs of ‘Wavelength’ pull you right into the artist’s musical world.

While the bass work across this album is particularly alluring, as can be heard once again on ‘Upstairs’, the smooth echoing vocals hold their own fascination, especially when Hidden Things turn up the melodic quotient, as he does on ‘It’s a Love Song’. The guitars ring out beautifully on ‘Left Behind’ before the album closes down on the fast paced ‘Publishing Rights’. Hidden Things are at their best in short, sharp, concentrated bursts of euphoria, which this track, and album delivers in spades.

Overall, ‘Night Work’ is a stunning showcase of Hidden Things’ musical prowess, and a testament to Greg Adams’ ability to craft engaging and meaningful pop and indie songs that will resonate deeply with his audience, especially the nostalgic ones, like me. Featuring simple yet stunning musical arrangements, this album bustles and brims with shimmering vibrancy and crystalline production.

Every song on ‘Night Work’ has a comm0n thread yet is diverse enough from its counterparts to be immediately recognizable, and they’re all striking, memorable moments. You simply can’t ask for a more pleasant surprise in 2023 when it comes to indie albums. One thing is clear, Greg Adams is a force to be reckoned with in the music world, and his star is only set to rise higher, once his vibe catches on.

In an era of cookie-cutter pop and predictable radio hits, Hidden Things stands out as a breath of fresh air, a shining example of what can be achieved when an artist refuses to be confined by trends or convention. With ‘Night Work’, Greg Adams has cemented his status as a top-tier musician and songwriter, who is able to bring together nostalgia and novelty, without as much as breaking a sweat. Indie pop has never sounded so refreshed, invigorated, and ready to return to the ears of fans across the world.


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