Sri S – “She&I” – the emotional intricacies of love and relationships

Sri S, a talented singer-songwriter, was born in South India and discovered his passion for music during high school, while taking Carnatic music lessons. He moved to the United States to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the Southeast Missouri State University, where he honed his skills in singing, writing lyrics, composing, and songwriting. To keep up with the ever-changing music industry, he acquired Music Industry Essentials Online Certification from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in New York and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Music Technology from the University of Central Missouri. He draws inspiration from love and romance stories, and spends most of his free time recording his ideas. Sri S released his debut vocal pop album, “She&I,” in Feb 2023, revealing his promise at this early stage of his career. He embraces happiness and life and uses music to share these values globally.

A source of warmth, light, and love, Sri S debut album “She&I,” spreads positive, powerful an uplifting messages we can all rally around. The album’s opening track, “Dreaming All Night”, is a beautifully written and performed mid-tempo song that captures the essence of the search for love in modern times. Sri S’ message of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity is uplifting and relatable to anyone who has ever longed for love. His lyrics express the modern dating scene where scrolling through dating apps is a common way to find love, yet it can be a frustrating and time-consuming process.

The upbeat song “Falling in Love” captures the feeling of love at first sight and the rush of emotions that come with it. The lyrics paint a picture of the singer’s first encounter with his love interest, and the way he is struck by her beauty and energy. Sri S’ use of imagery such as “butterflies inside” and “my heart was beating a thousand times” helps to convey the intensity of the emotions he is experiencing. Sri S’ voice is silky smooth and enchanting to the ear.

“So Beautiful” is a heartfelt expression of love and devotion. The narrator is clearly enamored with the object of his affection, and Sri S conveys this in a beautiful way. The opening lines, “It’s a perfect time to say these words / Which are hiding in my heart / It’s a perfect place to fall in love / And to go crazy with you,” set the tone for the song. The song’s protagonist is ready to share his feelings and take the plunge into a deep, meaningful relationship.

“I’ve Got Feelings” is a beautiful song that captures the essence of falling in love. The verses are well written and build up beautifully to the chorus, which is catchy and memorable. The chorus repeats the phrase “I’ve got feelings” which is a simple but effective way to convey the message of the song. Sri S’ voice is soulful and emotive, which adds to the sincerity of the lyrics.

“Hosanna Hosanna” is another celebration of love and desire, expressed through an upbeat and infectious dance-pop beat and melody. The song opens with a declaration of the protagonist’s infatuation with their lover, unable to resist falling for them and wanting to go crazy together. The chorus is a joyful repetition of the word “Hosanna”, which is traditionally a Hebrew expression of praise and adoration.

The song “You Won’t Feel Cold” is a romantic ballad that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of listeners. Sri S’ urgent delivery and lyrics are beautifully crafted and capture the feelings of love and devotion that the singer has for his significant other. The repetition of the line “You won’t feel cold, no more, baby” throughout the song adds to its emotional impact and reinforces the singer’s promise to keep his loved one warm and protected from the harshness of the world.

Built on a poignant foundation of piano and strings “Yesterday” is a beautiful ode to love and the desire to find someone to share life with. The protagonist’s longing for companionship is evident in the opening lines, “We were made for each other, I feel it in my blood. I need a helping hand and I need someone to love me.” Sri S’ voice and lyrical imagery in the chorus is vivid and powerful, “I wanna breathe like a river, I wanna run like an ocean, and I know I can be strong, but I need someone to love me.”

Sri S is filled with emotions on “You Are My Loveee”, and expresses them with such intensity that it’s easy to feel the passion and love in every word. The soft instrumentation, lush harmonies, and Sri S’ nuanced vocal tones, perfectly complement the tender lyrics. “Oh My Luv” expresses a deep sense of devotion and commitment, but also highlights the pain and longing that is felt in the absence of a loved one. The song steadily evolves into an infectious rhythm.

For the closing song, “Loveumuch!”, Sri S brings in the crunching guitars alongside the reverberating piano. The song captures the feeling of being so deeply in love that it’s hard to function without that person and the desperation to have them back when they’re gone. The line “I could hate myself to love you” shows the internal conflict that arises when we feel so strongly about someone that we lose control of our feelings.

All throughout the album, “She&I”, Sri S seems to genuinely understand the emotional intricacies of love and relationships. Moreover, he truly sounds like he believes in his music’s messages, and after listening to this album, you will too.


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