Andrew Beldy – ‘Big Trigger’ ft. Giulio Pinerolo – a cautionary tale!

Alternative rock has always been a genre that prides itself on the raw and unfiltered expression of emotion, and Andrew Beldy’sBig Trigger’ ft. Giulio Pinerolo is no exception. With lyrics that are at once both aggressive and introspective, the song paints a picture of a protagonist who is unapologetically confident in his abilities and unafraid to step on anyone who gets in his way. It is a fascinating work, which also captures the essence of power, narcissism, and arrogance. In fact, the lyrics are enigmatic and often require careful analysis to decode the hidden meanings behind them. The music is by Andrew Beldy and James Sedeno, while Giulio Pinerolo wrote the lyrics. The band features Andrew Beldy (Bass, Guitars and Backing vocals), Giulio Pinerolo (Vocals), James Sedeno (Drums), David Warner (Cello and Violin), and Anne Martinez (Backing Vocals).

The collective instill this insatiably driving and emotive work with enough inventive nuances and unpredictable dynamics to elevate ‘Big Trigger’ into the realm of raw grinding splendor. Naturally, there is an abundance of harsher and more arresting moments brought on by the impressive interplay between the guitars, bass, strings and drums. In addition to the song’s irresistible melodic, textural, and philosophical gravity, there’s the killer vocals from Giulio Pinerolo, which adds a majestic touch to the recording.

The opening verse sets the tone for the rest of the song, with lines like “Can you recall her at all / No I can’t you see nothing at all” demonstrating a sense of detachment and distance from the world around the protagonist. But it’s the following line that truly grabs your attention – “However I’ve got billions in balls” – that reveals a deep-seated sense of arrogance and a belief in his own superiority.

As the song continues, we see the protagonist flexing his power and influence, boasting about the “Ten Foot Lawyers and Hoes / Are working for me and they’ll do what there told you see.” The vocalist and lyric writer, Giulio Pinerolo sings about a man on a mission, driven by a desire for power and recognition – “I’m gonna run for the Senate seat / This game my friend is not for the meek.”

But it’s in the chorus where the real power of the song comes through. Pinorolo’s vocals soar with abrasive grit as he exclaims, “I’m Bigger, Big Trigger / Your a little shot and I’m a bomb killer / I’m thinner snake matter / Shed skin as I get fatter” – these lyrics are a bold and brazen statement of confidence, a challenge to anyone who dares to stand in the protagonist’s way. The repeated refrain of “I’m Bigger Big Trigger / Your a little shot I’m a bomb killer” reinforces this sense of superiority, a reminder that he is not to be trifled with.

The second verse is just as intense as the first, with lines like “Put up a wall back in your cage / I won’t allow all the spawns of a lesser grade” demonstrating a willingness to push others aside in pursuit of the protagonist’s own goals. But it’s the final lines of the song that are perhaps the most powerful: “From the inside out I’ll never speak of it.” It’s a reminder that even those who appear to have it all together may still be struggling on the inside, haunted by their own demons and secrets.

In the end, ‘Big Trigger’ is a song that is as complex and multi-layered as the human experience itself. It’s a reminder that confidence and power can be both a blessing and a curse, and that the pursuit of success can sometimes come at a great cost. On the one hand, it could be a call to action, a challenge to embrace our own power and use it to achieve our dreams.

However, at the same time it seems to delve into the mind of a narcissistic, power-hungry individual, who comes across as arrogant and dismissive, with little regard for others. Which means that ‘Big Trigger’ by Andrew Beldy, could also be a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition and narcissism. Remixed and remastered at Electric Shop Recording in Las Vegas, the video for the song was created by Doni from Fiverr.


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