Sha-La Music Inc. has done it again with the announcement of the highly-anticipated ‘AmeriKarma’ album by US Roots Rocker DownTown Mystic. Set to release on March 24, the album will be available both physically and digitally through CD Baby and The Orchard/Sony Music, respectively. And let me tell you, this album is definitely worth the wait. Featuring 12 tracks, including two bonus tracks previously only available digitally, ‘AmeriKarma’ is a masterful work of art that will leave you begging for more. The digital version of the album will contain 11 tracks, with two bonus tracks being made available for the first time ever in digital format. And with three singles released prior to the album’s debut, including ‘Fly’, ‘Superstar’, and ‘Live’, it’s no surprise that the album has already received airplay on over 200 radio stations in 30 countries.

The production of ‘AmeriKarma’ is a true testament to the talent and skill of DownTown Mystic’s writer/producer Robert Allen, who said, “I really went all out on the production of AmeriKarma in a way that I’ve never done before. I tried to tap into all the influences I’ve picked up as a fan of the music and make them accessible on this album. I feel like the Quentin Tarantino of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” And with the help of some incredible musicians, including the rhythm section of Steve Holley (Paul McCartney, Elton John) and Paul Page (Ian Hunter, Dion), as well as Banjo Maestro Tony Trischka, this album is as varied and dynamic as anything you’ve ever heard.

DownTown Mystic mines the rearview mirror reflection of classic rock n’ roll to ponder and plot the road ahead. The album ‘AmeriKarma’ is a masterpiece of expansive guitar-driven soundscapes that move the needle on what the genre once was, can be, and can do. Not surprisingly, the album stands as another triumph for a band that’s never short when it comes to attaining a high bar.

From clean acoustic guitars to overdriven electric riffs, and slow-burning melodies to upbeat bombastic anthems,  DownTown Mystic is an essential outfit clearly capable of moving the classic rock n’ roll mantra further towards the future. There are only a handful of other bands around today, doing comparable work. There is something absolutely passionate and prideful in ‘AmeriKarma’, something worth hearing.

‘AmeriKarma’ reveals a band of great breadth, one with the ability to kick your teeth in with hardnosed rock n’ roll tendencies, while also able to explore heartfelt lyrical and musical earnestness. Pounding guitars and sweet melodies are balanced by DownTown Mystic’s sharp, storytelling tongue. They set the table for the future as they reshuffle the deck of roots rock music for a whole new generation.

“It would have been virtually impossible to not have created music during the historic Covid Pandemic. Karma was visiting on a daily basis as life and death played out in front of us. Much of the music presented on AmeriKarma came into being during that time, tapping into the emotions of a world that will never be the same. The Merry-Go-Round on the cover seems like the perfect karmic metaphor—what goes around, comes around.”Robert Allen (DownTown Mystic)

Recorded at Shorefire Studios in Long Branch, NJ, ‘AmeriKarma’ was engineered by Joe DeMaio, who also added his talents on some key guitar solos. And the album was mastered by the legendary Leon Zervos, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Crowded House, Maroon 5, Pink, and Rihanna. With such an impressive roster of talent, it’s no wonder this album is already being hailed as a career-defining moment for DownTown Mystic.

And as if that weren’t enough, ‘AmeriKarma’ has already been featured on one of Fox TV’s most popular shows, 9-1-1: Lone Star, as the final track ‘No Exceptions’ was played on January 31. This is just further proof that DownTown Mystic is one of the top sync-licensed artists in the world, with over 230 TV shows and films containing DTM music.

All in all, ‘AmeriKarma’ is a must-listen for any music lover. It’s rare to find an album that is so well-crafted and yet so accessible to all audiences. So, don’t miss out on this incredible work of art – experience and listen to ‘AmeriKarma’ for yourself.

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