Silent Tha Soldier – “Murder Ain’t Crazy” – focused on the life of a person consumed by violence!

Analyzing the lyrics of “Murder Ain’t Crazy” by Silent Tha Soldier is an interesting task. The song begins with a paradoxical statement: “I ain’t fine with violence, but now the blood don’t phase me. They saying I’m a lunatic but murder ain’t crazy.” This line immediately sets the tone for the song, indicating that the artist will explore the theme of violence and its effects on individuals. Throughout the song, Silent Tha Soldier portrays the life of a young man who is consumed by violence and the desire for revenge. He tells a story of a boy who is living in circles, known for committing murders, and burying his victims. The Louisville, Kentucky artist goes on to describe the boy’s transformation into a cold-blooded killer, who is consumed by the lust for blood and seeks to rule over others.

The chorus repeats the paradoxical statement, suggesting that Silent Tha Soldier is trying to convey a message that violence is not something to be glorified, but it is a reality that some people face in their daily lives. The use of the phrase “murder ain’t crazy” also hints at the artist’s attempt to challenge the perception of violence as an insane act and to present it as a common occurrence. Silent Tha Soldier’s flow is smooth, and his delivery is confident, while the content of the lyrics is unsettling. He acknowledges that some people will call him crazy for what he’s saying, but he doesn’t seem to care.

The production leans on shimmering keys and precision thumping drums, while Silent Tha Soldier’s use of figurative language and wordplay is evident throughout the song. He employs metaphors and similes to convey his message and paints vivid pictures of the life of a person consumed by violence. For example, he compares his rhymes to a “thought canon” and a “brain itcher,” emphasizing their power to make the listener think.

Silent Tha Soldier also uses slang and dark references to create an authentic and relatable persona. The use of phrases such as “bout it mane” and “don’t u sas off” add to the authenticity of the protagonist’s character and the environment the artist is portraying. The song ends on a note of redemption, with Silent Tha Soldier expressing his desire to repent and distance himself from this wicked and sickening environment.

Silent Tha Soldier’s abrasive tones and urgent flow solidifies what those who saw the vision had always known: he’s one of the more capable wordsmiths in the game today. As you could expect from any of Silent Tha Soldier’s work, “Murder Ain’t Crazy” contains stellar lyricism that checks off all the categories a hip-hop enthusiast would look for.

Wordplay, and detailed storytelling, are all present throughout the project, and keep the audience engaged from top to bottom. Silent Tha Soldier goes beyond any expectations you may have had. Overall, “Murder Ain’t Crazy” by Silent Tha Soldier is a gritty and realistic portrayal of the life of a young man consumed by violence.

Silent Tha Soldier use of figurative language adds to the authenticity of the character and the environment he is portraying. The song’s paradoxical chorus challenges the perception of violence as an insane act and presents it as a common occurrence. Silent Tha Soldier’s use of storytelling and wordplay makes this song an engaging and thought-provoking piece of music.


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