Solarpulse – “No Boundaries” – pummels your system and lingers in your mind!

Prepare yourself for an electrifying journey as the young French maestro, Lagarde Maël aka Solarpulse, gears up to unleash his latest EP, aptly titled “No Boundaries”. This tantalizing masterpiece features a fusion of pulsating tracks in the realms of techno, tech-house, and drum and bass, destined to leave you spellbound. The first track of this sonic odyssey was released worldwide on April 28th, 2023. But that’s not all. Solarpulse had a surprise in store for his devoted fans. Every Friday leading up to the highly-anticipated RELEASE PARTY on May 27th, 2023, he will gift fans with an exclusive sneak peek of a new track, teasing us with the promise of sonic delights yet to come.

The “No Boundaries” EP, the latest brainchild of Solarpulse, is a swirling vortex of cutting-edge electronic sounds, interwoven with mesmerizing beats that transport listeners to a dimension beyond our own. Solarpulse fearlessly pushes the boundaries of electronic music, creating a fresh, distinctive sound that encapsulates the essence of our modern world.

“I believe in embracing versatility just as I do in my mixing style,” Solarpulse confides with an air of confidence. “As an artist, I refuse to be confined to a single genre. The art of DJing knows no limits, no boundaries.”

Let’s take a moment to delve into the tracks that make up this extraordinary EP. First up, we have the enchanting “Lips Like Roses”, a captivating blend of euphoric melodies and infectious rhythms that will have you swaying to its hypnotic spell. Then, prepare to be entranced by “SCP-049”, a thumping and explosive composition that marries dark undertones with angular sci-fi elements, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that pummels your system and lingers in your mind long after the final note fades.

But wait, there’s more. Brace yourselves for “Crazy Right Now”, a sonic cyclone of energy that unleashes a relentless assault on the dancefloor, leaving dancers in a frenzy of ecstatic bliss. The track contains samples of the Beyoncé original “Crazy In Love” ft. JayZ. This is followed closely by the longest cut on the EP, “Don’t Stop”, a track that seamlessly weaves intricate layers of pulsating beats and synths, urging you to surrender to the irresistible allure of the music. He track is an epic wild ride of thrashing rhythms, with plenty of stylistic twists.

Finally, we have “Hit The Floor”, a breathtaking crescendo that culminates in an explosion of sound, leaving audiences breathless and yearning for more. Solarpulse’s “No Boundaries” EP takes you on an unparalleled sonic journey, transcending the confines of conventional music and catapulting you into a realm where creativity knows no limits.

Before ascending to his current status as a rising star, Solarpulse first made waves in the Parisian nightlife scene back in 2016. His sonic prowess led him to grace the stages of renowned Parisian clubs such as Batofar, Pigallion, Officine, Seven Spirits, and Metaxu. As his career blossomed, he found himself in the esteemed company of revered DJs, including Pane Mua from the illustrious label, Never Say Die.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Solarpulse embarked on a new chapter in his musical journey by venturing into Barcelona in late 2022, with the ambition of creating his very own EP. Armed with an extensive network and a flair for organizing unforgettable parties, Solarpulse wasted no time in establishing his presence in the vibrant Barcelona music scene. Even as he worked tirelessly to showcase his talents at electrifying Drum and Bass events, he continued to curate memorable experiences in Paris, booking exceptional DJs from both the local Barcelona and French scenes.

Another triumph was the extraordinary “CLIMBASS” event, a groundbreaking soirée that shattered all expectations. In the heart of Paris, Solarpulse transformed a climbing gym into a pulsating sanctuary of sound. Amidst a backdrop of gravity-defying mountain bike trials, he took center stage, weaving his sonic tapestry with finesse and artistry.

Now, as the “No Boundaries” EP comes to life, Solarpulse stands on the precipice of greatness. His unique style, technical prowess, and sheer versatility make him a force to be reckoned with, capable of captivating crowds at any hour of the night.


The release party in Paris :

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