Wes Dean’s Latest Single “More and More of You” Strikes a Chord of Love and Passion

At a time where aspiring talents jostle for recognition, one name shines through with an unwavering determination and a blossoming gift. Wes Dean, the resolute singer-songwriter, is carving his path with resplendent melodies that exude resilience and promise, painting a vivid picture of a future brimming with success. With a steadily expanding repertoire, Dean presents a collection of professionally crafted songs, enlisting virtuosic musicians and insightful producers who weave their magic in the studio. Rooted in the captivating genres of Rock and Americana, Wes Dean’s music resonates with a wide audience, already amassing over one million streams across various platforms.

When listening to Wes Dean, prepare your senses for a sumptuous musical feast, where pulsating rhythms, rumbling basslines, scintillating keyboards, and fiery electric guitars create the perfect canvas for Dean’s gritty, yet velvety vocals to unfurl the enchanting melodies. Such is the captivating essence of his latest single, “More & More Of You,” a heartfelt composition penned by the talented artist himself.

“More and More of You” is an anthem, a modern reimagining of the Beastie Boys’ timeless slogan, “You gotta fight for your right to party.” In a world where misery and negativity seep into our lives through the media, Dean urges us to detach ourselves from the burdens and embrace the simple pleasure of reveling in the company of our partners or spouses. It is a call to experience life to the fullest, to find solace in our loved ones and bask in the sheer joy they bring. For when we focus our attention on our beloved, the world reveals its hidden beauty and transforms into a place of contentment and delight.

Wes Dean – Photo by Craig Hunter Ross

“More & More Of You” sets the stage for a weekend of liberation, where work is left behind, and Wes Dean chooses to bask in the comforting embrace of his significant other. Together, they raise the volume of their favorite tunes, igniting an electric atmosphere that mirrors the intensity of their connection. As he gazes into the mirror, Dean acknowledges his personal growth, yet assures his partner that his love remains steadfast and unchanging. From the moment they first met, a profound bond was forged, and their most extraordinary moments are yet to unfold. Wes Dean craves “more and more” of his beloved, yearning to deepen their connection and create a lifetime of cherished memories.

The song echoes a call to escape the relentless onslaught of distressing news by switching off the television and indulging in the bliss of uninhibited dance and laughter. The worries that plague the world can wait; it is time to revel in the present and embrace the euphoria that life offers. Wes Dean recognizes that their journey together has just begun, and they shall seize each moment, savoring the good times until the twilight of their existence.

Wes Dean’s introspection continues to resonate in the heartfelt lyrics, as he acknowledges the swift passing of time. Yet, before he bids his final farewell, he yearns for his beloved to know the depth of his love, etched eternally within his being. The mere sight of his partner still evokes a shiver down his spine, an exhilaration that surpasses mere words. Their love story unfolds like a thrilling saga, with each chapter offering new sensations and heightened emotions.

As we stand beside Wes Dean, gazing into the mirror alongside him, we witness his transformation. He acknowledges his growth, but the unyielding flame of love burns brighter than ever. Since the day they first crossed paths, Dean’s affection has only intensified, with their most extraordinary moments waiting on the horizon. The desire for “more and more” of his beloved echoes through the lyrics, a testament to the unquenchable thirst for a love that transcends time and space.

In the realm of Wes Dean’s musical voyage, the single “More & More Of You” stands as another authentication to his artistic prowess and emotional depth. It is a symphony of passion, a celebration of love’s enduring power to illuminate even the darkest corners of our existence. With each note and every lyric, Wes Dean invites us to join him on this melodic odyssey, reminding us that, indeed, all we need and want is “more and more” of the ones who color our lives with boundless joy and affection. The song is set to officially release on June 21, 2023.


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